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Auto Accident

Amica Insurance is the oldest insurer of automobiles in the country, having been around since 1907. It is headquartered in Rhode Island. In addition to automobile insurance, Amica offers home and life insurance policies.

For whatever reason, Amica does not have much market share in Maryland, ranking 32nd amongst private automobile insurance companies with a market share of 0.40% and $14,811,185 in premiums. Our law firm's experience would indicate either that Amica has some great drivers - which I think might be true - or that the Maryland Report overstates their market share. Of the literally thousands of car and truck accident claims we have handled in the last 10 years, our records only reflect 12 Amica cases.

Amica's Operating Territory

Amica has offices in 49 states and the District of Columbia (only Hawaii, of all places, appears to be missing).

Settlement of Amica Accident Claims

Looking back at our results with Amica and talking with other accident attorneys, it is fair to state that Amica's adjusters make fairly reasonable settlement offers. Most of our Amica cases settled either before or shortly after filing a lawsuit. If suit is filed, Amica is often defended by Niles, Barton & Wilmer. Amica is quick to suggest mediation in these cases which can be an effective way to resolve the case. Amica, by reputation, is willing to listen to most mediators, and these cases tend to settle quickly (often before the expense of depositions and, more significantly, before more detailed engagement of the medical experts).

We have dealt with local Amica adjusters in Columbia, Maryland and adjusters in their home office in Providence, Rhode Island.

One More Point on Amica

Amica is not a bad company. But insurance companies are just bullies by nature, even the decent ones. Amica actualy made the argument that someone who sees this Miller & Zois discussion of Amica might actually think we work with or for Amica. Seriously? Can you imagine reading this page and thinking that we are partnering with Amica? The is the last impression we are trying to leave. Shouldn't they feel ashamed making that argument? Here's Amcia's letter to us. The take home message, as always: these insurance companies will do anything to try to bully you in submiting to their will. If you have a serious injury case, the best thing to do is to hire the best lawyer you can to fight back for you.

Our Lawyers Can Help You With Your Accident Claim Against Amica

If you've been involved in an automobile collision with an Amica driver, or if Amica is your insurance company and is denying your PIP claim or UM/UIM claim, contact us at 800-553-8082 or online for a free consultation. We can resolve your automobile accident claim one way or another, whether by settlement or lawsuit.

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