Shoulder Injury: Settlements and Verdicts

Shoulder Anatomy and Arthroscopic Surgery

Before we get into the value of shoulder injury cases in Maryland by looking at statistics and settlements and verdicts, let's talk briefly about the injury itself. If you have a shoulder injury claim, you have to understand the shoulder.

The part of the shoulder affected by pain pumps is the glenohumeral joint, also known as the shoulder joint, which joins the glenoid (the socket of the shoulder) with the humerus (the ball of the upper arm bone).

The cartilage of the shoulder joint is known as the labrum. The labrum is the disc of cartilage which lines the glenoid. It stabilizes the joint and limits excessive movement of the humerus. Additionally, it keeps the glenoid and the humerus together.

M any different types of injuries can require arthroscopic shoulder surgery, which is where a surgeon repairs the shoulder by making several small incisions in the shoulder to insert a camera and tools. For example, rotator cuff tears, labral tears and impingement syndrome may all be treated arthroscopically. Approximately four million patients seek medical attention in the United States each year for shoulder injuries. Shoulder arthroscopy is performed on 1.4 million people annually.

Value of Shoulder Injuries

Most people who are badly hurt know that their lawyer is not going to help them heal. Ultimately, our job is to get as much money for our clients as we possibly can.

Below are some verdicts and settlements in selected Maryland shoulder injury cases. Most of these are car, truck or motorcycle accident cases which comprise the vast majority of these cases in Maryland (because the bar is higher to climb in premises liability cases under Maryland law).

These case outcomes are instructive in helping you understand the value of these claims. But they are just one tool of many and, used alone, are not predictive of the value of an individual case.

Getting Help for Your Shoulder Injury Claim

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Sample Verdicts and Settlements in Maryland Shoulder Damage Cases
  • 2014, Maryland: $315,000 Settlement. Our client was a passenger in a taxi cab that veered off the road and crashed into a ditch. An MRI revealed four torn tendons and "massive" damage to his rotator cuff. Mr. Niles underwent surgery to correct the damage and was ordered to wear a protective sling for 6-8 weeks following surgery. Miller & Zois handled this case.

  • 2013, Maryland: $33,000 Verdict. A 56 year-old-woman is forced off the road when defendant exits a parking lot in front of her vehicle. The plaintiff slams into a pole and totals her car. Her rotator cuff is torn during the accident. The shoulder needs surgery, but the plaintiff is unable to afford it due to lack of insurance. State Farm admits that its insured driver caused the accident but claims that the shoulder injury pre-existed the accident. The Montgomery County court awards the plaintiff $33,000.

  • 2013, Maryland: $93,612 Verdict. A motorcyclist sustains a partial thickness rotator cuff tear which results in permanent injury. The defendant changed lanes abruptly and plaintiff runs into the back of the vehicle. Plaintiff additionally suffers abrasions to his lower body and unspecific injuries to his neck and back. The driver claims that a phantom vehicle cut him off causing the swerving maneuver. A Towson jury awards the plaintiff $93,612 for his injuries.

  • 2012, Maryland: $335,639 Verdict. A 50 year-old couple is injured when a construction site adjacent to their home collapses. The husband suffers a torn rotator cuff that requires surgery and eighteen months out of work. The wife receives serious lacerations around her eye that cause permanent disfiguration. The defendant had been attempting to construct a home for the past several years and his negligent building skills resulted in the collapse. The Calvert County jury awards $335,630 when the defendant improperly answers the complaint and fails to appear at trial.

  • 2012, Maryland: $43,481 Verdict. Defendant driver swerves across two lanes of traffic into the opposing road and runs head on into plaintiff. The plaintiff receives a rotator cuff tear that requires decompression and debridement surgery. Additionally, plaintiff suffers strains of the cervicothoracic, thoracolumbar, and lumbosacral spine. The defendant disputes the necessity of the medical treatment and the causation of the injuries, but a Prince Frederick jury awards $43,481 in relief.

  • 2012, Maryland: $72,162 Verdict. A 45 year-old-woman in stop-and-go traffic is sandwiched between the two defendants in an auto collision. The plaintiff sustains a painful rotator cuff injury. An Annapolis jury determines that the back defendant was the driver at fault, and the front defendant settles a separate injury claim for an undisclosed amount.

  • 2012, Maryland: $ 58,000. A man in his 60s receives bilateral shoulder injuries when defendant driver turns into his lane while attempting a left turn. Defendant argues that the injuries were degenerative in nature and predate the accident. An Ellicott City jury, however, determines one of the shoulder injuries to be related to the accident and awards $58,000.

  • 2012, Maryland: $10,000. A woman sustains a cervical strain, cervical radiculopathy, and a shoulder rotator cuff tear when the defendant driver crashes into the woman's vehicle. The defendant admits liability for the collision, but denies the extent of the plaintiff's injuries. A Baltimore County jury finds for the plaintiff but awards only $10,000. Clearly, they did not buy the plaintiff’s case.

  • 2012, Maryland: $5,000 Verdict. A woman is completely stopped at an intersection when the defendant driver struck her vehicle after colliding with another, non-party vehicle. Plaintiff receives a torn rotator cuff in her dominant arm and requires several months of therapy and pain treatment. Eventually Plaintiff has surgery to repair the shoulder damage. Defendant argues that the shoulder injury came from a prior condition and she did not experience enough pain to have actually torn her rotator cuff. An Upper Marlboro jury originally awards $3,826, but the payout amount is raised to $5,000 due to a high/low agreement.

  • 2012, Maryland: $384 Verdict. A 45 year-old man's car is run into as he waits behind a disabled vehicle. The defendant driver, acting in the scope of her employer, Enterprise Leasing Company, was driving at an excessive rate of speed and failed to control the vehicle. The plaintiff suffers a rotator cuff injury as well as bilateral shoulder strains. The Baltimore County jury awarded only $384 to plaintiff and his wife for loss of services.

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