Maryland Malpractice: Pregnancy Errors

Our firm handles medical malpractice birth injury cases in Maryland. But we also handle cases involving a much less discussed topic: medical negligence during pregnancy or child birth that causes injury to the mom.


Missed diagnosis of medical conditions during pregnancy such as gestational diabetes, hypoglycemia, pre-eclampsia, anemia, and Rh-incompatibility, among others, have serious implications for the mother and her unborn child. Unfortunately, in most cases, symptoms are not characteristic of any one given condition which complicates diagnosis. 

Further complicating diagnosis, some diseases do not have specific biomarkers that can be measured or have numerous ones that are not necessarily indicated by standard tests due to availability or high costs associated with the tests.

Attorneys looking at these cases have a great deal to sort through to pin down the science and the medical experts as to what likely was the cause of any injury to the child or the mother. 

However, in spite of these limitations, the scientific community continues to research complications arising during pregnancy with an end goal of providing tools to aid in the health of the mother and unborn child and further enhance prenatal care.

There are five primary reoccurring problems/issues that may arise during a woman's pregnancy that doctors miss, or fail to deal properly with, that frequently lead to medical malpractice cases:

What Damages May I Recover For My Injuries?

To recover damages in a pregnancy mismanagement/misdiagnosis case in Maryland, a woman must establish that (1) the health care provider was under a duty to protect the plaintiff from injury, (2) the health care provider breached that duty, (3) the plaintiff suffered actual injury or loss, and (4) the loss or injury proximately resulted from the breach of duty. 

The medical error need not be the only cause of the harm that was done to you. Negligence will be deemed a "cause in fact" of injury when it was at least a "substantial factor" in bringing about the harm.

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