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Liberty Mutual: Auto Accident Claims and Settlements


Liberty Mutual is one of the 5th largest insurance companies in the United States. Liberty Mutual is an almost 100-year-old, $100 billion company providing car insurance and other property and casualty insurance. We see a lot of Liberty Mutual because they offer so many different types of policies where our worlds collide: car, homeowners, workers compensation and general liability are just some of the types of insurance policies Liberty Mutual offers.

Liberty Mutual's sales pitch is responsibility, as in “we take responsibility.” Historically, there was truth to this: Liberty Mutual was more reasonable than most insurance companies, at least in attorney represented cases. But in recent years, possibly after it purchased SAFECO a few years ago, the company appears to have changed. They are slower in responding to claims and are making less reasonable offers in Maryland accident cases, necessitating more lawsuits against Liberty Mutual insureds. Now, it has picked up a new bad habit, trying to require that the crash victim to give up rights that have nothing to do with the claim against the company's insured.

Law Offices of Jonathan P. Stebenne are Liberty Mutual’s in-house lawyers in Baltimore, and they cover the majority of Liberty Mutual car accident claims in Maryland. (The Law Offices of Chris Costabile covers Washington D.C. in-house accident claims.) Jon Stebenne is a good, well-respected lawyer, as are most of the attorneys in his office. But the decisions as to how to handle claims are being made by insurance adjusters whose goal it is to minimize or eliminate your right to money damages for your injuries.

In cases where Liberty Mutual may have a potential conflict of interest with its insured or where Liberty is named as a defendant in a claim for UIM benefits, they have recently been using the firm of Schulman, Hershfield & Gilden, P.A. in Baltimore to represent them. 

We have handled a lot of car accident and other serious injury claims against this insurance company. If you have a potential claim with this insurer, call us now at 800-553-8082 or get a free online consultation.

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