Allstate Personal Injury Protection

What is Personal Injury Protection ("PIP")?

accidentPersonal injury protection ("PIP") is a component of auto insurance coverage that provides extended coverage for personal injuries such as medical expenses and lost wages regardless of who was at fault for an accident. This makes PIP coverage different from general liability coverage. Liability coverage pays for damages you cause to other drivers when the accident is your fault. PIP is supposed to cover your own damages even when you are at fault for the accident.

Allstate Auto Insurance

Allstate currently ranks as the 3rd largest auto insurance company in the U.S. Allstate was originally started in 1931 as a subsidiary of Sears & Roebuck Co. Since 1993 Allstate has been a publicly traded corporation headquartered in Illinois. Allstate provides a full range of standard auto insurance coverage options as well as many additional coverage features (towing, umbrella, etc.) not offered by other companies. Allstate offers a host of good driver discount incentives and a claim satisfaction guarantee. All of these features make Allstate a true "full-service" auto insurance company. However, this full range of coverage and service comes at a premium. Allstate usually has the highest auto coverage rates in the industry.

What is Covered Under Allstate's Personal Injury Protection?

Allstate's personal injury protection coverage helps pay for hospital and medical expenses incurred by the insured driver (or passengers) as a result of a covered accident. Allstate's PIP coverage may also pay for:

  • Health insurance co-pays or deductibles
  • Medical expenses or costs that exceed healthcare insurance limits
  • Lost wages or income
  • Child care and other essential services that are interrupted
  • Funeral expenses
Do You Have PIP Coverage?

Personal injury protection coverage is actually mandatory in 16 states. In a handful of other states, PIP is optional. Review your auto insurance policy or check with your insurance agent to find out whether you have PIP coverage.

What Is the Difference Between "No-Fault" and PIP Coverage?

There actually is no difference. PIP is 1st party coverage that pays for expenses regardless of fault so it is frequently referred to as "no-fault coverage." In fact, the Allstate website and many of its promotional materials use the term "no-fault insurance" to refer to the PIP component of their auto insurance.

What Is Medical Payments Coverage and How Is It Different from PIP?

Medical payments (or "med pay") coverage is a component of auto insurance that covers medical expenses of insured drivers and passengers regardless of fault. Medical payments coverage is usually optional and is typically only available in states where PIP is not required or is optional.

Med pay coverage and PIP are similar in that they both provide first-party coverage without regard to who was at fault for an accident. The 3 primary differences between PIP and med pay coverage are as follows:

  • PIP is provided only in so-called "no-fault" states where PIP coverage is either mandatory or optional. Med pay coverage is only offered in states that do not require PIP.
  • In those states where is it available, medical payments coverage is ALWAYS an optional form of coverage. PIP is usually a mandatory coverage and is only optional in a small handful of states.
  • Medical payments coverage only pays for medical expenses and nothing else. PIP pays for additional things like lost wages and essential services. So PIP provides more extensive coverage.
What States Require PIP Coverage?

Personal injury protection coverage is mandatory in 16 states:

New JerseyNew York
North DakotaOregon

Personal injury protection coverage is optional in 7 states:

District of ColumbiaNew Hampshire
South DakotaTexas
What is Bodily Injury Liability Coverage?

Bodily injury liability coverage is a component of auto insurance that pays for damages you cause to other drivers when you are responsible for a car accident. So if you cause a car accident and other drivers or people are injured, your bodily injury liability coverage pays for their medical expenses, lost wages and other damages. It also requires your insurance company to pay for an attorney to defend you in any lawsuits that result from the accident. Bodily injury liability coverage is mandatory in most states.

Is PIP Coverage Required in Maryland?

Maryland is often listed as one of the states where PIP coverage is mandatory, but this is not entirely accurate. Maryland law does not actually mandate that PIP coverage be included in all auto insurance policies. Rather, insurance companies in Maryland are required to offer PIP in auto insurance policies. PIP coverage can be declined but this requires the insurer to get a formal waiver signed by the insured.

What is the Minimum Limit for PIP Coverage in Maryland?

The mandatory minimum limit for personal injury protection coverage in Maryland is $2,500. Unlikely liability insurance, the vast majority of people in Maryland have only the minimum PIP of $2,500.

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