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The cases summarized below represent a fairly random sampling of verdicts and publicly reported settlements in auto tort cases from around the country in which Allstate was the responsible insurance carrier. Keep in mind that these cases represent a small handful of literally thousands of reported cases involving Allstate.

The high volume of Allstate verdicts and reported settlements makes it almost impossible to draw any meaningful conclusions about what to expect in your own Allstate case. Moreover, Allstate claims are handled differently depending on what state you are in. The claims adjusters are often different and the local dynamics within each state are also different. This factors often play as much if not more of a role in the ultimate settlement value of case than the actual specifics of the injury or accident.

Our firm has a lot of hands-on experience dealing with Allstate in auto accident claims in Maryland. In Maryland, Allstate in Maryland has a well-deserved reputation for being very difficult to work with and refusing to offer full and fair value. Even though each regional claims office is slightly different, Allstate seems to have a reputation for difficulty and combativeness across the country when it comes to auto tort claims.

One of the reasons Allstate is often so slow to offer full value is because of its heavy reliance on the Colossus claims system. Colossus is a sophisticated software program that many insurance companies use to automatically calculate settlement values for insurance claims. Lots of insurance companies use Colossus, but Allstate claims adjusters use and rely on the program way more than anyone else. In fact, virtually all initial settlement offers from Allstate are automatically generated from Colossus based on inputs from the claims adjuster. These computer generated settlement offers are always frustratingly low and end up just slowing the process down.

The end result of Allstate's general claims handling policies and heavy reliance on Colossus is that it takes a lot of effort and patience to get a fair settlement offer out of Allstate. In a lot of cases, Allstate stalls and drags its feet and only makes a fair offer at the last minute and the case ends up going to trial. This pattern is definitely reflected in the Allstate verdicts and reported settlements listed below.

Before we dig into the verdicts, you should understand that the better path to understanding the value of your case with Allstate is to look at settlements and verdicts with the same injury you have. This is a better path than looking at individual insurance companies or the type of accident.

Allstate - National Verdicts and Settlements

Car CrashBelow are summaries of real cases in which Allstate was the defending insurance carrier. (Elsewhere, we summarize Allstate settlements in Maryland.) These represent a mostly random selection of recent Allstate cases.

  • 2019 Minnesota: $168,470 Verdict. 22-year-old plaintiff was a passenger in a car that got rear-ended while stopped at a traffic light. Plaintiff allegedly suffered cervical and thoracic strains, a right hip labral tear that required arthroscopic repair surgery, a concussion, vision loss, headaches and emotional distress. The at-fault driver was uninsured so plaintiff sought UIM benefits from his insurer, Allstate. Allstate dispute the alleged injuries claiming that plaintiff's hip problems were pre-existing and not caused by the accident. A jury in Minneapolis ruled in favor of plaintiff and awarded $168k in damages.
  • 2019 New Jersey: $100,000 Settlement. Plaintiff pedestrian, male in his mid-50s, was walking in crosswalk when he was struck by motorist making a left turn. Plaintiff allegedly suffered head injuries including a subarachnoid hemorrhage and permanent memory and cognitive deficits. He also allegedly suffered back injuries. He settled with the negligent driver for policy limits of $50k and pursued UIM claim against Allstate. The Allstate UIM claim eventually settled for policy limits of $100k.
  • 2019 Texas: $223,000 Verdict. Female plaintiff was in the right lane of traffic when at-fault driver crossed into her lane and struck her, causing significant personal injuries. Plaintiff settled with at-fault driver for policy limits and then filed suit against her insurer, Allstate, for UIM damages in excess of the policy limit settlement. Allstate disputed the nature and extent of the plaintiff's injuries and damages and the case went to trial solely on that issue. The jury found ended up awarding plaintiff $233k.
  • 2019 Florida: $937,640 Verdict. Plaintiff came to a stop at a stop sign and was violently rear-ended by another motorist. As a result of the accident plaintiff reportedly suffered bursitis and myofasciitis of her right hip, resulting in a 3% impairment rating, gluteal tendon injury, lumbar sprain and facet arthropathy, as well as chronic pain syndrome. Plaintiff pursued a UIM claim against Allstate. Allstate denied that plaintiff suffered any permanent injuries and sought various set-offs. Jurors found that plaintiff's injuries were permanent and awarded $937k in damages which was way more than Allstate's settlement offer.
  • 2018 New Jersey: $70,000 Verdict. Plaintiff reportedly suffered two cervical disc bulges and a torn labrum in her shoulder while she was driving the lead vehicle in a four-car rear-end collision. After settling with the tortfeasor, Plaintiff sued Allstate for UIM benefits alleging that Allstate failed to properly evaluate her claim despite having knowledge of her medical condition and did not negotiate with her or make a settlement offer. Allstate denied the causal connection between the accident and the plaintiff's alleged injuries and damages. The jury awarded the plaintiff $70,000 in damages.
  • 2018 Texas: $206,500 Verdict. Plaintiff suffered major injuries when another motorist lost control of vehicle in rain and struck his car. Plaintiff settled with at-fault driver for policy limits and then pursued additional UIM damages from Allstate. Allstate refused to settle and case went to trial where jury awarded $206k. Verdict was subsequently reduced to policy limits of $50k.
  • 2018 Washington: $350,000 Verdict. Plaintiff, 17-year-old female high school student, reportedly suffered a concussion with headaches, executive dysfunction, mood changes and language processing difficulties, as well as left hip, left leg, wrist, cervical and lumbar spine injuries, when an uninsured motorist made a left turn and struck her in a marked crosswalk. Allstate refused to settle the UIM claim and went to trial alleging that plaintiff was contributorily negligent in wearing dark clothing. Jury found in favor of plaintiff and awarded $350,000.
  • 2018 Louisiana: $101,690 Verdict. Plaintiff's SUV was struck in the rear by another automobile while attempting to merge onto the highway. Plaintiff suffered various unspecified personal injuries as a result. Both plaintiff and the at-fault driver were insured by Allstate. After settling her claim against the at-fault driver for policy limits, plaintiff sued Allstate for UIM benefits. Allstate denied liability, disputed the nature and extent of damages and argued that plaintiff failed to mitigate her damages. Following a bench trial, plaintiff was awarded $101k in damages.
  • 2017 Colorado: $800,000 Verdict. Plaintiff was rear-ended by the defendant at an intersection in downtown Denver and sustained fairly significant injuries. Plaintiff sued both the at-fault driver and her UIM insurance carrier, Allstate. Allstate disputed the nature, extent, and causation of the plaintiff's alleged damages. Prior to trial Allstate rejected the plaintiff's $250,000 policy limits demand and countered with an offer of $58,000. Plaintiff rejected that offer and the case went to trial. The jury awarded $800k.
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