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Sedgwick: Accident Claims and Settlements

Dealing with This Third Party Administrator in Accident Cases

Sedgwick (formerly Sedgwick CMS) is not an actual insurer. We have people call us all of the time with a "claim against Sedgwick" but really it is a claim against a client of Sedgwick. People make this mistake because Sedgwick provides many services like an insurance company. They call themselves a “third-party administrator” (TPA) which means that they are insurance adjusters for self-insured companies and smaller insurance companies that have a small claims department (or have no claims department). This means Sedgwick handles the claims process for them. They have been very successful, buying smaller companies that administer third-party claims around the country (including this recent acquisition).

Our lawyers have seen Sedgwick representing companies like Target, LabCorp, Home Depot, Walgreens, Sears, General Electric and Kroger in accident claims. Sedgwick will handle the claims process for car crashes, workers’ comp, premises liability (including slip and falls), other injuries, disability, FMLA, and professional liability (including medical malpractice).

In 2019, the Carlyle Group Global became the majority owner of Sedgwick. Carlyle has an estimated $6.7 billion stake in the company. So this is a huge company that is owned by another huge company. it has nearly 7,000 employees throughout 150 offices in North America.


After about 40 years, the company has 10,000 employees and 190 offices in the United States and Canada. What they do is essentially take over the job of the insurer. Field investigations at accident scenes, figuring out how much must be set aside in reserves for injury claims, coordinating with lawyers defending their clients’ claims, and trying to reach a settlement with the victim's lawyers.

The main difference between TPAs like Sedgwick and dealing directly with the insurer is that Sedgwick competes for its clients’ business. How do they get the business? By helping the negligent party save money by paying out as little as possible. What does this mean to you? Typically, it means they are going to try to get the case settled on the cheap. Sure, all insurance companies do this. But Sedgwicks of the world just have more incentive to attempt to rip off the victim.

For liability claims like automobile accidents, the company notes on its website that it follows these “best practices”:

To make immediate contact with injured third party claimants to ascertain the facts and claimed damages. Statements are taken as appropriate from the claimant and witnesses; police reports are obtained when available and relevant; photographs may also be obtained.

As you might expect, we tell our clients that they refer all requests for dialogue from insurance companies or third-party administrators to us—there is typically no good reason for an automobile accident claimant to speak with the opposing side’s insurance representatives.


Sedgwick is one of the largest third-party administrators. Business Insurance, ranked these companies by by revenue:

  1. Sedgwick: $808,152,678
  2. Gallagher Bassett: $401,900,000
  3. UMR, Inc.: $393,949,776
  4. Broadspire: $236,467,690
  5. ESIS: $195,400,000
  6. Meritain Health: $193,000,000
  7. CoreSource, Inc.: $ 86,619,141
  8. York Risk Services: $ 86,000,000
  9. Wells Fargo: $ 74,512,426
  10. Canon Cochran Management Services: $ 67,500,000

Sedgwick was also the largest third-party administrator for workers’ compensation claims (calculated by revenue paid for claims), with Gallagher Bassett just underneath it.


Sedgwick uses a software program known as Juris as a central repository for all of its client information. Juris maintains data on medical bills (“including information such as payment details, service descriptions, procedure codes, methods of calculating fees, provider and vendor contacts, and reasons for review”), and time tracking (for workers’ compensation and disability cases. The purpose to monitor the work statuses of individual claimants while off work or on restricted duty. This function helps users track a claimant’s progress and get the claimant back to work quickly.

Trying to Reach a Settlement with Sedgwick Without a Lawsuit

Sedgwick is a bit harder to predict because they are following their clients' instructions. Some customers ask Sedgwick to take a tough position and give them very little authority to evaluate and settle claims for fair value.

Other Sedgwick clients are looking to get cases resolved and take a very different view. In car accident and slip and fall cases, which is where we generally see Sedgwick, it is difficult to resolve cases before filing suit just because a lawsuit seems to get Sedgwick's clients to focus on the case.

But Sedgwick appears to be a little more realistic in valuing cases than its chief competitor in third part adjusting, Gallagher Bassett. It seems -- just based on the online reviews we get from victims complaining about their dealings with Sedgwick -- is that this is a tough company to deal with if you are not represented by an attorney.

Dealing with Sedgwick on Injury Settlement Claims After a Lawsuit is Filed

Like almost all insurance companies and third-party administrators, Sedgwick gets more reasonable after a personal injury lawsuit is filed. Companies using Sedgwick generally have to hire outside attorneys to defend claims. The cost and expenses of defending a case - mostly attorneys' fees -- become an issue when a lawsuit is filed. As a result, Sedgwick's clients get more serious about evaluating the claim before it goes to the next level. Almost every defendant responds to the pressure of a lawsuit and it often leads to a significant increase in last settlement offer. This logic holds up particularly well in claims that are being handled by Sedgwick.

Hiring a Lawyer to Take on Sedgwick

If you have been hurt in an accident where the at-fault company is self-insured and uses Sedgwick or another third party administrator, call us at 800-553-8082 or click here for a free no obligation consultation. Our firm handles only very serious injury and wrongful death claims.

Contacting Sedgwick

You can reach Sedgwick in Maryland by calling 800-285-3258. You can contact them by mail at:

PO Box 808
Hunt Valley, MD 21030

Think twice before contacting any insurance company or third party claims adjuster without first speaking to a lawyer. It is usually a mistake.

More Information on Dealing with Sedgwick in Injury Cases
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