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Encompass Insurance is essentially Allstate. Encompass is just the marketing name for a division of Allstate that sells personal property-casualty insurance products by independent agents. Same "good hands" product just in a different package. Encompass has over 1 million customers in 42 states. In Maryland, there are three different Encompass Insurance companies that rank 22nd, 24th, and 26th in market share in Maryland. Add those together, Encompass Insurance by itself is one of the 10 largest car insurance companies in Maryland.

If you file a lawsuit against a Encompass insured in Maryland, the defense lawyers are most likely to be Allstate's in-house lawyers. Allstate has two house counsels offices in Maryland, one at 400 East Pratt Street in Baltimore and another at 6411 Ivy Lane in Greenbelt.

Because talking about claims against this company is essentially the same as claims against Allstate for the purposes of analyzing how this insurer treats car accident claim, visit our discussion of Allstate claims.

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