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Cincinnati Insurance Claims and Settlements

The Cincinnati Insurance Company was created over sixty years ago. Today, they are a part of the Cincinnati Financial umbrella and are in the top 25 in the property insurance market. Cincinnati Financial is a Fortune 500 company. They are selling property insurance in 39 states, including Maryland.

Cincinnati Insurance has four key segments: personal lines property casualty insurance, commercial lines property insurance, life and disability insurance, and investments. The company historically keeps a low profile but a few years ago it started running commericals for property and life insurance.

We mostly going to see this company in commercial car and truck accident cases and it premises liability claims.

Cincinnati Insurance is typically going to make a better first offer than their brethren at insurers like State Farm or Allstate. This is in part because they do not have an in-house lawyer in individual states which makes their cost of litigation higher. Still, because they seem to find themselves in more serious injury claims, you really can't expect full value for an accident claim without filing a suit (at least in most cases).

On liability dispute claims -- in other words, a dispute about who is responsible -- this insurance company tends to fight. At the time of the writing, we have just come out of a trial against Cincinnati Insurance. They offered $150,000 at the pre-trial in the case and we assumed they would increase their offer. The pre-trial judge told them they should. They did not, the case went to trial and the jury awarded $537,000.

Again, this insurer does not have in-house lawyers in Maryland. We know they use the Baltimore law firm of Franklin & Prokopik for some of the claims involving their insureds that are filed in Maryland. They do have local claims adjusters in Maryland.  

Here are a few results of cases involving Cincinnati: 

  • 2019, Maryland: $500,000 Verdict. A 64-year-old woman suffered neck trauma after someone struck her friend’s vehicle that she was a passenger in. The woman sued the driver, claiming negligence. She also sued Cincinnati Insurance and Liberty Mutual for failing to provide full UIM benefits. The driver was dismissed from the case after she tendered her policy to settle the claim. Cincinnati’s counsel contended that her injuries and surgeries were not related to the impact. The Prince George’s County jury awarded the woman $500,000 damages. 
  • 2018, Ohio: $116,780 Verdict. A salesman suffered soft-tissue neck, back, left elbow, and left hip injuries sustained after a pickup truck struck his sedan in a construction zone. He sued both the driver and his insurer, Cincinnati Insurance, seeking UIM benefits. Cincinnati also made a cross-claim against the man for subrogation. Their attorney was present at the trial, but he was not actively participating. The jury awarded $116,780 in damages. 
  • 2014, Ohio: $39,000,000 Verdict. An uninsured driver struck and killed a construction inspector while he was on job. The collision occurred at midnight. His estate sued the driver for negligence. They also sued a construction company for failing to create safe working conditions that caused the accident. The deceased’s employer and their insurance carrier, Cincinnati Insurance, were also named in the case. The estate also filed a UIM claim against State Farm, the deceased’s insurer. State Farm settled with the estate, while Cincinnati was granted summary judgment and was dismissed from the case. The verdict totaled $39,000,000 in damages. 

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle collision or have a premises liability case in Maryland call us at 800-553-8082. We also handle extremely serious injury and wrongful death claims outside of Maryland.

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