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Our firm makes an effort to post as many jury verdicts as possible in personal injury cases. If you have been broadsided by another vehicle, it is natural to go looking for similar type cases.

Why? Because people online are looking for real information to get to the bottom of the issue that every plaintiff wants to know: how much is my case worth?

Now, to be clear, you are not going to find an absolute answer to that question. verdicts give you some idea of the verdicts and settlements we are posting are not average verdicts, and they mostly ignore cases where the defendant wins and the plaintiff gets a zero verdict or a very small verdict. So the better way to frame it is that these are what similar cases could be worth.

The point is that you can learn a lot from comparing your case to others. But there are great limitations. Ultimately, you need to get a lawyer (or talk to your lawyer) to get a better feel for the variables involved in your case.

Comparing types of accident, like side-impact collisions, is one way to compare your case to others. You can learn more about the value of personal injury cases by type of injury and by jurisdiction here.

Side Impact Collisions Settlements and Verdicts
  • September 2013, Maryland: $36,286 Verdict: A 65-year-old retiree was driving in a shopping center parking lot in Baltimore County. Like most shopping center parking lots, it contained travel lanes and stop signs. As he was driving, another driver failed to stop at a stop sign and broadsided the passenger side of his vehicle. Ten days after the accident the man visits his chiropractor concerning neck, lower back, and right shoulder pain. He is diagnosed with a re-tear in his right rotator cuff; a tear that had received surgical repair prior to the accident. The man then underwent a second surgery to undo the damage done to his once repaired rotator cuff. The man sued the driver of the vehicle that broadsided him for motor vehicle negligence, claiming that the defendant was negligent in failing to obey the posted stop sign. While the defendant did admit liability, defense counsel argued that the impact was not severe enough to cause the plaintiff’s rotator cuff to re-tear. Plaintiff’s orthopedic surgeon who had performed the second surgery testified that the impact did cause the re-tear and that the surgery was 100% necessary. The suit continued to trial where a Towson jury found in favor of the plaintiff and awarded him $36,286. This is a low verdict by a jury pool that sometimes gives mixed results.
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  • April 2013, Maryland: $17,721.56 Verdict: A 60-year-old teacher from Howard County was riding as a passenger in a vehicle traveling on Woodbine Road. A second driver attempted to merge from I-70 to Woodbine and struck the side of the vehicle. After the accident, she began to receive treatment for soft tissue damage in her left shoulder as well as treatment for cervical, thoracic, and lumbar injuries. She later sued the driver of the vehicle that struck her, claiming that the defendant failed to keep a proper lookout while merging from the interstate. Defendant admitted liability for the crash but argued that the complaints made by the plaintiff were inconsistent. He argued that the plaintiff complained of lower back injuries, but her treatment was infrequent and she failed to report for three of her physical therapy appointments. You would think a teacher would be a pretty believable plaintiff, right? But this Ellicott City jury, often a tough jury panel, obviously did not buy all the way in. They awarded the plaintiff $11,721.56 for past medicals and $6,000 for non-economic damages; a total award of $17,721.56. If your pain and suffering damages are less than your medical bills, something went wrong in your case.
  • January 2013, Maryland: $195,000 Settlement: A self-employed carpenter was driving southbound on South Notch Road, approaching Thompson Corner Road in St. Mary’s County. While attempting to cross the intersection, he was broadsided by a second driver. Following the accident, he was treated for aggravation of pre-existing shoulder and knee injuries. After receiving two surgeries, one to assess a partial rotator cuff tear and a second to repair a meniscus tear in his left knee, he was assigned a 15% right shoulder impairment and a 20% left knee impairment. His treating surgeon opined that in the future, a total knee replacement will be necessary. The man filed a motor vehicle negligence suit against the driver, claiming that while he, the plaintiff, entered the intersection on a green light, the defendant entered the intersection on a blinking red light. The defendant disputed the plaintiff’s allegations and argued that the plaintiff failed to make any attempt to avoid the collision, making him partially negligent. Defendant’s counsel also argued that the plaintiff suffered from pre-existing arthritis and should recover without the need for surgery. The parties agreed to settle before trial in the amount of $195,000
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  • January 2014, Illinois: $57,143 Verdict: A woman was approaching an intersection. While attempting to cross the intersection, the front end of her sedan slammed into the driver’s side of a vehicle attempting to cross onto 6th Street. She was rushed via ambulance to Glenbrook Hospital where, after receiving X-rays and some treatment, she was diagnosed with a herniated disc in her neck as well as aggravation of a Parkinson’s-like syndrome that she had been diagnosed with prior to the accident. Symptoms of this Parkinson’s-like syndrome include muscle pains, tremors, and difficulty with gripping objects. She received chiropractic treatment for six months after the accident for her neck injury. The woman sued the second driver for negligence in the operation of a motor vehicle, as well as the owner of the vehicle for negligently entrusting the driver to operate the vehicle. Plaintiff alleged that due to the injuries she received in the collision, she will need to continue treatment with a neurologist for her Parkinson’s-like syndrome for an undetermined amount of time. While the defendants admitted liability in the accident, they argued that the plaintiff failed to maintain control of her vehicle. They also argued the extent and nature of the plaintiff’s injuries. The case continued to trial at the Cook County Circuit Court where a jury found on behalf of the plaintiff and awarded her $57,143 in damages.
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