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This is a sampling of jury verdicts and settlements with GEICO in Maryland and around the country. We compiled this list from a variety of sources, including our law firm's own settlements and verdicts with GEICO. Keep in mind there is not any scientific methodology to this sampling and these are not necessarily reflective of the value of your claim against a GEICO insured. There are too many variables at play when looking at the value of a car accident case to fit in a short summary of the case.

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If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident and the at-fault driver is insured by GEICO, or if you are filing an uninsured motorist claim against GEICO and you have a question about your claim, call us at 800-553-8082 or get a free claim evaluation.

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Settlements and Verdicts Against GEICO
  • Settlement in Maryland for $290,000. A 40-year-old woman suffers an L-5-disc injury after a double impact, chain reaction, rear-end accident. She has a negative MRI but has a discectomy that reveals nerve damage. The pre-suit offer was $70,000. Our law firm handled this case.

  • Settlement in New Jersey for $95,000. A 46-year-old woman was involved in a broadside car crash as the result of the defendant running a red light. She suffered herniated disc injuries at L5-S1, C5-C6. She also had an annular tear, a very under appreciated injury for which there is no meaningful treatment. Plaintiff’s neurosurgeon recommend surgery but, like many plaintiffs, this woman opted for less invasive treatment (therapy, manipulations under anesthesia, and epidural injections). The case was defended by GEICO’s in-house counsel in Piscataway. Plaintiff’s counsel in this case told us that defendant had a $100,000 GEICO policy and that there was significant property damage.

  • Jury Settlement in New Jersey for $15,000. A 42-year-old man had a cervical disc herniation at C5-C6 with shooting pain. Plaintiff received physical therapy and injections for his injuries. The case was defended by GEICO’s in-house counsel in Rutherford. Plaintiff’s lawyer told us that GEICO vigorously disputed liability in the case which is why Plaintiff was willing to accept a relatively low settlement for his injuries.

  • Jury Verdict in Florida of $400,000. A 24-year-old student is rear-ended, aggravating a herniated disc at L4-5 and bulging discs at C3-4 through C6-7. Plaintiff has physical therapy, injections, and had a discogram and discectomy. During a 6 day trial, Plaintiff’s lawyer puts up three expert witnesses – pain management, neurosurgery, and orthopedics. GEICO also puts up two experts to argue that Plaintiff’s neck and back conditions were pre-existing and that she only suffered minor sprains and strains (as well as unreasonable, excessive, and unrelated medical bills and the usual stuff you get from GEICO’s medical experts). These experts bundle all of Plaintiff’s problems at the doorstep of two prior car accidents. The jury obviously disagrees and awards Plaintiff $60,000 in past medical bills, $30,000 in future medical costs, $50,000 in past pain and suffering, and $260,000 in future pain and suffering. (The procedure of this case would be odd to a Maryland lawyer; her two uninsured motorist cases against GEICO were consolidated into one case. This is not an option for plaintiffs’ lawyers in Maryland or in most states).

  • Jury Verdict in New Jersey of $100,000. A 35 year-old hospital security guard is rear-ended at a red light. Simple chain reaction: he is hit by the car behind him who was hit by a car behind her, a GEICO insured. Plaintiff waited two days to go to the emergency room in the hospital where he works. Three weeks later, he begins chiropractic care. An MRI eventually finds a cervical-disc bulge at C3-4, and a lumbar-disc bulge at L5-S1. An EMG confirms L5-S1 radiculopathy (the disc was hitting a nerve root). GEICO’s lawyer argues at trial that the real problem was injuries sustained while the Plaintiff was serving his country in Afghanistan and Iraq. Less offensively, GEICO also argued that the case did not cross New Jersey’s tort threshold. After a one day trial, the jury strongly disagreed.

  • Jury Verdict in Maryland for $340,000. Plaintiff suffered head (mild TBI) and disc injuries in a left turn accident case that was tried in Prince George’s County. The offer at the pre-trial conference was zero. GEICO’s policy was $250,000 but the uninsured motorist carrier agreed before the trial not to seek subrogation from GEICO’s insured if the verdict exceeded the policy limits which, thankfully, is exactly what happened. Our firm handled this case.

  • Settlement in Maryland for $170,000. Plaintiff was driving on Route 97 in Carroll County when he approached a non-functional traffic light. Defendant did not realize the light was not working a ran through it. Defendants contended that Plaintiff was contributorily negligent for failing to proceed with care through a broken traffic light. Plaintiff suffered a broken left femur, broken ribs, various cuts and abrasions, and severely bruised feet. GEICO was the driver’s insurance company and they tendered their policy limits. The rest was recovered from the uninsured motorist carrier (Cincinnati Insurance).Our law firm handled this claim.

  • Settlement in Washington for $55,000. Plaintiff was rear-ended by defendant. Medical bills were approximately $20,000. Plaintiff had surgery for her rotator cuff injury. GEICO was the underinsured carrier. The underlying carrier tended its $25,000 limits. It is fair to assume that this award would have been higher – rotator cuffs injuries are generally worth more – but this case had a few weaknesses. The plaintiff’s age, 74, the lack of property damage ($1,000), and causation issues likely decreased the settlement value of the case. Her lawyer told us that the plaintiff was a wonderful woman who did not want to get involved in protracted litigation which made her more amenable to an out-of-court settlement of her claim.

  • Jury Verdict in Washington for $10,000. Plaintiff was rear-ended and suffered a C4-C5 herniated disc. Whether the disc injury was caused by the accident was at issue: Plaintiff had a prior herniation at C6-C7.

  • Jury Verdict in Florida for $79,209. Plaintiff, a 21 year old woman, suffered L4-L5 and L5-S1 disc herniations after a car wreck in which the defendant ran a red light. In spite of the injuries, the woman missed one day of her job as a restaurant hostess.