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St. Agnes Hospital is located in Baltimore, Maryland (Baltimore City). Founded in 1862 as the first Catholic hospital in Baltimore, St. Agnes is now a general hospital, that prides itself on specialized services in the areas of emergency and trauma medicine, breast cancer, orthopedics, cardiology, plastic and reconstructive surgery, neurology, a wound center, and obstetrics and gynecology. It is also heavily advertising use of da Vinci robotic surgical procedures.

St. Agnes has 287 beds, and in 2011 there were 1,863 births; 83,308 emergency room admissions; and 10,918 surgical visits. This Southwest Baltimore hospital employs 800 physicians, and is also a teaching hospital (meaning much care is performed by residents).

In 1999, Saint Agnes’ parent organization, The Daughters of Charity National Health System, merged into the Sisters of St. Joseph Health System to form Ascension Health which is the largest non-profit health care organization in the nation.

Apparently flush with cash, St. Agnes is apparently still looking to grow. The hospital made a big play to buy St. Joseph's Hospital, losing out to University of Maryland Medical Systems. In 2012, the hospital bought the historic Cardinal Gibbons School in Baltimore with plays to put housing and offices in the closed school. The hospital just completed in 2011 the St. Agnes Hospital Campus Expansion Project, building a new patient tower with 120 private rooms, remaking its cancer institute, building a new medical office building, and renovating everything is sight. St. Agnes clearly has no intention of letting Johns Hopkins and UMMS take over Baltimore.

This is a good hospital that we think takes seriously it obligations to its patients and, as a Catholic hospital, to the community at large. Our law firm has represented employees of St. Agnes in personal injury cases and have universally heard nice things about working there. St. Agnes does not have a "Big business, we are trying to make as much money as we can while pretending to be a non-profit" vibe to it.

But, that said, like all large hospitals, medical mistakes are a big problem at St. Agnes. In recent years, settlements have been reached with either the hospital or its doctors in a number of case, including cases involving allegations of

  • Malpractice involving the development of a pressure wound
  • Failure to diagnose cardiac issues leading to a death
  • Failure to diagnose cancer that lead to death
  • Premature delivery of an infant causing birth injuries
  • Failure to diagnose a ischemic bowel
Where To File St. Agnes Hospital Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

As with most Baltimore City hospitals, medical malpractice cases against St. Agnes are almost invariably filed in Baltimore City Circuit Court. The City typically offers a good jury pool, fair judges and cases will generally get to trial just over a year after filing. Underscoring the advantages of Baltimore City, there have been at least two large medical malpractice verdicts in Baltimore City in 2012, including a $55 million verdict and a $21 million verdict. Having a malpractice lawsuit in Baltimore is hardly a guarantee of success. But what you do get in Baltimore is a fair shake -- jurors do not assume that a doctor cannot make a serious mistake that can cause a serious injury or death.

St. Agnes Hospital's Defense Team

St. Agnes has been defended by the law firms of Waranch & Brown (Towson), Pessin Katz Law, P.A., Goodell, DeVries, Leech & Gray (Baltimore), and Whiteford, Taylor & Preston to name a few. St. Agnes was a defendant in the famed Court of Special Appeals D'Angelo case, which caused all sorts of problems for Maryland medical malpractice attorneys who wanted a clear path of the rules for filing certificates of merit (that case was defended by Gary Dumer of Dumer, Harrison & Barnes, P.A.).

Ordering Medical Records from St. Agnes Hospital

If you believe you have a St. Agnes Hospital medical malpractice case, you can either order medical records yourself, or your lawyers will do so. Hospital records can be obtained from:

St. Agnes Hospital

900 Caton Ave.
Baltimore, Maryland 21229
Phone: 410-368-3185

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