How Long Will My Accident Case Take to Receive a Settlement?

Car accident victims have a common question: what is the average time to settle a car accident case? The reason victims ask this question is obvious. They want to put the car accident – which may have been very traumatic - behind them. And, understandably, they want the money compensation, to which they are fully entitled, sooner rather that later. Before getting an initial offer, three things must happen.

The Client Finishes Treatment or Reaches Maximum Medical Improvement

First, the client has to either (1) fully recover and need no further treatment, or (2) reach maximum medical improvement, which means that while the client may need additional treatment, this is as good as the client is likely to get. Alternatively, if future surgery or other medical procedures have not yet been performed, an accident lawyer can ask a doctor to give an estimate of what the costs of the future surgery/procedure will cost. This is usually the longest lag time in a case and it is one that cannot be sped up to expedite a settlement which includes an amount of money that approaches fair for the claim.

All of the Clients Medical Bills and Records Have Been Obtained

If a case is going to be settled without a lawsuit for top value, a car accident lawyer will need to obtain all of the medical records and bills for the client. At our law firm and many personal injury firms, it is the lawyer’s job to collect the medical bills and records. This is essential: for settlement before a lawsuit the accident claims are fought based on the client’s medical records. How these records reflect the injuries is – at this stage of the game – the most important variable the insurance companies use to determine value.

The Demand Package: Waiting for a Response

After a settlement demand is sent with all of the relevant medical bills and records and other information necessary to resolve the claim, it takes the insurance company time to evaluate the claim. It should not take more than three weeks for most claims, but it often does, and your accident lawyer needs to be following up with the insurance company to keep your case at the front of the line.

If after negotiations your case does settle, your accident lawyer needs to push the ball forward as quickly as possible to get your money to you as soon as possible. Some insurance companies drag their feet after settlement has been effectuated. It is important that accident lawyers stay on top of the insurance company to expedite your getting your settlement check as soon as possible.

An experienced car accident lawyer can help you to get the money you deserve for your injuries. We believe our attorneys are the best accident lawyers in Maryland. Our auto accident lawyers work to get you a quick settlement while still making sure the details are all in place to get you the best settlement possible. Our lawyers have the experience to shorten the time to settlement by putting cases on the right track from the beginning. We stand up to the insurance companies to fight for fair compensation for the victims of car accidents, truck accident and motorcycle accidents. If you or someone you know has been injured in a n auto accident get a free on-line consultation or call 1-800-553-8082 or to speak to a Maryland accident lawyer experienced in handling auto accident claims.

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