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Settlement Value of Your USAA Accident Claim

This is a sampling of jury verdicts and settlements in lawsuits against USAA. As we have said, USAA does not let many serious injury personal injury cases go all the way to trial (although you do often have to file a lawsuit and go to the courthouse steps to settle). So, comparatively, there are fewer verdicts reported with USAA.


We generated this list from a variety of sources, including our law firm's settlements and verdicts with USAA. Here is no scientific methodology used to compile this list. In fact, it is fair to say we specifically excluded many settlements verdicts that were not that interesting. We also looked at past cases where the plaintiff did not get a good award.

But there is a more important point to grasp: you can't merely look at a summary of another case and make conclusions as to the value of your case. There are clearly too many variables at play when looking at the value of an auto insurance claim to fit into a case summary. But...looking at these types of cases can still be instructive in combination with other tools to get a better idea of the settlement range of your case.

  • Advice on how to battle USAA
  • Answers to your questions regarding how to deal with USAA on personal injury settlements
  • Common question: is your personal injury settlement subject to federal income tax? (The short answer is no, the long answer is a little more complex.)
Sample USAA Verdicts and Settlements
  • 2019: Maryland Settlement: $300,000. Our client is driving on Ritchie Highway in Glen Burnie. While preparing to turn right, she is hit broadside by a USAA insured driver. She is diagnosed with a right hip, right hand, bilateral knee, and bilateral shoulder sprain/strains, as well as post-traumatic headaches and vertigo. He begins physical therapy and sees a neurologist for her headaches. She has preexisting injuries in her spine so USAA offers $40,000 to settle out-of-court. We filed suit and the case ultimately settled for $300,000.
  • 2016: Maryland Settlement: $97,500. Our client is traveling on his bike in Montgomery County. He gets hit in the crosswalk late at night coming home from a party. He suffers a fractured femur that, thankfully, healed quite well. One potential problem in the case was that the client was intoxicated. USAA had a $100,000 policy and made some rumblings around denying the claim. Ultimately, they offered $70,000. We rejected the offer and told them we would file suit. The offer continued to increase until we got just $2,500 away from the policy limits and the case settled for $97,500. Miller & Zois handled this case.
  • 2016: Maryland Settlement: $500,000. Our clients, two professional men, were traveling southbound on Route 4 in Calvert County when a USAA insured vehicle lost control and crossed the center median striking their vehicle on the passenger side. Both men needed a diskectomy and fusion, on his neck at C4-C5 and the other in his back at L4-L5. USAA paid its entire $500,000 policy.
  • 2012: Maryland Settlement: $220,000. Plaintiff is driving down Route 95 in Howard County, Maryland. She sees that a car up ahead has lost control. Plaintiff does what a good person does: she pulls off the road to help. She gets out of the car and is hit by another driver. Plaintiff has a concussion and requires a metal disc and pin in her arm. The defendant had a small policy with State Farm; USAA was the uninsured motorist carrier. Miller & Zois handled this accident claim.
  • 2010 Maryland Verdict: $882,579. Plaintiff, a 64-year-old retired war veteran, is rear-ended at a red light by the driver of a vehicle who admits hydroplaning on the wet road. Plaintiff suffers the herniation of a low back disc for which he had undergone surgery two years earlier. Plaintiff undergoes surgery at the same location. Plaintiff settles with the tortfeasor's insurance carrier for policy limits of $20,000. Plaintiff files suit against USAA, pursing underinsured motorist benefits. Defendant contends that this was a minor accident that could not have caused Plaintiff any permanent injury and that the Plaintiff had a pre-existing back condition and his need for the follow-up surgery is unrelated to the accident. Plaintiff seeks $32,579 in past medicals, $60 to $80 per month for future medical maintenance, and damages for pain and suffering. A Baltimore City jury awards $882,579 – which is broken down as $500,000 in past non-economic damages; $32,579 in past medicals, and $350,000 for future medicals. The award was limited to the UIM policy limits of $300,000 less the tortfeasor settlement of $20,000, for a net judgment of $280,000.
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  • 2007 District of Columbia Settlement: $93,000. Plaintiff, a very athletic 52-year-old attorney, is riding her bicycle when she is struck by a motorist attempting to make a left turn. Plaintiff is thrown from the bike and sustains multiple bodily injuries, including a left ankle fracture requiring surgery. Before the accident, she participated in marathons, but now claims she is unable to so as she sustained a 30% permanent impairment to her lower extremities. Plaintiff claims $27,000 in past medical expenses and $14,000 in lost wages. The Defendant driver’s carrier accepts liability and offers policy limits of $25,000. Liberty Mutual, Plaintiff’s UIM carrier, contributes an additional $68,000, for a total pre-suit settlement of $93,000.
  • 2007 Baltimore, Maryland Verdict: $200,000. Plaintiff is traveling through a green light in Baltimore City when a car turns left in front of her. Plaintiff has neck and right shoulder issues that eventually resolve although her shoulder will technically never be entirely stable again. This was an uninsured motorist case against USAA. The defendant driver admitted liability and offered their insurance policy. This is another case that underscores the theory that USAA is more willing to go to trial with their insureds. The Maryland Daily Record wrote an article on this case that our law firm handled which you can read here.
  • 2005 Baltimore, County, Maryland Settlement: $500,000. The defendant is traveling north on Rt. 543 in Harford County. Defendant fell asleep and hit a family of 5 head-on. USAA tendered their policy limits. Our firm handled this case.
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