Safeco Insurance: Car Accident Claims and Settlements

Safeco Insurance sells car and truck insurance in Maryland. We tend to see Safeco in larger, commercial cases but it writes standard personal car insurance policies as well. They are the 11th largest auto insurer in Maryland. The company also writes homeowner's insurance polices, umbrella polices providing excess coverage, boating insurance, and and ton of other things.

Safeco is has been around for 88 years. Four years ago, it was purchased by Liberty Mutual. Somewhere around this time period, for whatever reason, both Liberty Mutual and Safeco became, at least in our view, a bit more difficult to deal with on settlement of personal injury claims. Still, most of our cases with them have reached a settlement. I can only think of one case in recent years where we were forced to take the case in front of a jury (which awarded five times Safeco's offer).

Safeco uses the law firm Rollins, Smalkin, Richards & Mackie to defend cases in the Baltimore area. They may use other outside counsel as well but we have only seen Rollins Smalkin which is a good law firm that also handles a lot of work for Erie Insurance.

I think this insurer keeps a tight noose around it counsel. It does not seem like they have a lot of authority to make real decision without running back to Safeco to get permission.

We have handled a lot of car accident and other serious injury claims against Safeco. If you have a potential claim, call Miller & Zois at 800-553-8082 or get a free online consultation today.

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