Howard County General Hospital Malpractice

Dealing with this Columbia Hospital on Malpractice Claims

Howard County General Hospital, a part of Johns Hopkins Medicine, is located in Columbia, Maryland. It has 256 beds, and focuses on women's services (including obstetrics and gynecology), cardiology, cancer care, general surgery, orthopedics and emergency medicine. In 2014 it had 15,667 admissions, treated 77,488 patients in the ER.  The hospital delivers over 3,000 babies a year.  With over 1,800 employees, it is the fifth largest employer in Howard County.

This is a good hospital that does a lot of great things for patients.  No one is denying this. But like every other hospital, huge mistakes are made at Howard County General and the hospital should be accountable for those mistakes when they lead to unnecessary human suffering or death.  To accomplish this, you need a medical malpractice attorney on your side to fight for you for a settlement or a jury verdict. 

Where To File Howard County General Hospital Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

Because the hospital is located in Howard County, the bulk of these lawsuits end up in Howard County Circuit Court. The hospital is a part of Johns Hopkins Medicine. In some cases, there may be enough of a relationship to other Hopkins institutions to file a case in other jurisdictions, like Baltimore City.  Why does this matter?  Howard County juries are simply more like to give the doctors and the local hospital the benefit of the doubt in a close case. 

Harbor Hospital's Defense Team

As part of the Johns Hopkins system, Howard County General Hospital is typically defended by Goodell, DeVries, Leech & Dann (Donald DeVries). This is one of Maryland's premier medical malpractice defense firms. 

Ordering Medical Records from Howard County General Hospital

The biggest question our clients have is whether a mistake was made.  Often, it is very hard to know with certainty without collecting all of the medical records for the victim.  This is the first step in determining whether you may have a viable medical malpractice case that could lead to a verdict or settlement.  You or your lawyer can order medical records. Howard County General Hospital medical records can be obtained from:

Howard County General Hospital Medical Records Department

5755 Cedar Lane Columbia, Maryland 21044


410.740.7543 (fax)

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