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Safeco Insurance | Maryland Car Accident Claims and Settlements

Safeco Insurance sells car and truck insurance in Maryland. This company is also referred to as American States Preferred Insurance Company.

Our lawyers usually see Safeco in larger, commercial cases. But it writes standard personal car insurance policies as well. They are, at last count, the 11th largest auto insurer in Maryland. The company also writes homeowner’s insurance policies, umbrella policies providing excess coverage, boating insurance, and a ton of other things. Our law firm handles cases against Safeco throughout all of Maryland and Washington, D.C.

Safeco is has been around for 88 years. Four years ago, it was purchased by Liberty Mutual. Somewhere around this period, for whatever reason, both Liberty Mutual and Safeco became, at least in our view, a bit harder to deal with on settlement of personal injury claims. Still, most of our cases with them have reached a settlement agreement. There has been only one case in recent years where we were forced to take the case in front of a jury (which awarded five times Safeco’s offer).

How is it dealing with Safeco insurance adjusters in personal injury claims? It is a mixed bag. Our law firm has dealt with many reasonable adjusters and some not so reasonable. (There is one in particular – let’s call her B.H. – that we often see who seems to revel in making things difficult and trying to create conflict.)

Safeco uses the law firm Rollins, Smalkin, Richards & Mackie to defend cases in the Baltimore area. They may use other outside counsel as well, but we have only seen Rollins Smalkin. It is an excellent law firm that also handles a lot of work for Erie Insurance. Safeco also uses Liberty Mutual’s in-house counsel’s office as well (Jonathan Stebenne’s office).

This insurer seems to keep a tight noose around it counsel. It does not seem like they have a lot of authority to make real decision without running back to Safeco to get permission. It is surprising. Most insurance companies give counsel more latitude because the lawyers are the ones who are in the trenches seeing what a particular personal injury claim is really about.

You can serve Safeco/Liberty Mutual/American States Preferred Insurance Company at:

175 Berkeley Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02116

Safeco Verdicts and Settlements

Below are summaries of verdicts and reported settlements in actual cases in which Safeco was the primary insurance carrier. We have only included cases involving personal injury liability (auto insurance) as opposed to property damage (homeowners insurance).

  •  $100,000 Verdict (Washington 2023): The plaintiff contended an uninsured motorist failed to yield the right-of-way, sideswiping his vehicle. The plaintiffs injuries included mid and low-back, sacroiliac (SI) joint and sacrum sprains and strains; forearm abrasion and a foot laceration. The plaintiff treated for over a year with a trip to the emergency room, urgent care and primary care visits, as well as treatment with chiropractic care, massage and physical therapy. He sued Safeco for UIM coverage.
  • $96,313 Verdict (Maryland 2022): The plaintiff was rear-ended by the defendant (who was insured by Safeco) and claimed injuries including T4 and T11 vertebrae fractures, a concussion and disc bulging. The verdict included $16 for past medical, $50,00 for future medical and $30,000 for pain and suffering.
  • $75,000 Settlement (Oregon 2022): The plaintiff was a passenger in a vehicle in Portland. The vehicle was rear-ended by a uninsured driver when the plaintiff’s host vehicle slowed down for a pedestrian. The plaintiff suffered injuries to her neck and back with disc bulges. She was also pregnant and suffered emotional distress about harm to her baby.
  • $73,000 Settlement (Oklahoma 2019): Adult male passenger died at the scene of a violent motor vehicle accident. His surviving spouse brought a wrongful death claim against the driver who was insured by Safeco. Decedent was survived by a wife, minor son and 2 adult daughters. Safeco agreed to settle the claim for $73,000, which was probably very close to the applicable policy limits.
  • $88,438 Verdict (Connecticut 2018) : Plaintiff was struck in a head-on collision by an uninsured driver. Plaintiff’s alleged injuries included 20% partial permanent disability to his cervical spine and an injury to his eye. Plaintiff sought UIM damaged from his insurer, Safeco. Safeco disputed liability and disputed causation and damages, arguing that the plaintiff’s injuries were not really related to the accident. The case went to trial and a jury awarded nearly $90,000 in damages.
  • $936,420 Verdict (Washington 2018) : Adult-male plaintiff was rear-ended by an uninsured driver pushing his vehicle into the median. Plaintiff reportedly suffered injuries including a traumatic brain injury resulting in balance issues and decreased concentration and work speed, as well as right carpal tunnel syndrome and right medial nerve damage treated with surgery. Safeco denied plaintiff’s claim for UIM benefits disputing whether he actually suffered any brain injury and claiming his other injuries were not really related to the accident. The case went to trial and the jury awarded over $900,000 in damages.
  • $315,560 Verdict (Maryland 2017): Plaintiff, a 69-year-old female, was driving on the highway when another driver suddenly changed lanes without looking and caused a collision. Plaintiff allegedly suffered extensive injuries including a traumatic brain injury with a coup-contrecoup injury resulting in permanent physical symptoms and multiple lumbar disc herniations. She receives a policy limits settlement from the at-fault driver and then pursued her own insurer, Safeco, for additional UIM damages. Safeco refused to resolve her UIM claim with a fair settlement offer and took the case to trial. A jury in Baltimore City awarded the plaintiff $315,000.

We have handled a lot of car accident and other serious injury claims against Safeco. If you have a potential claim, call Miller & Zois at 800-553-8082 or get a free online consultation today.

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