Value of Fractured or Broken Leg Personal Injury Cases


Nationally, the median compensatory award for leg fractures is $141,847 according to Jury Verdict Research, a company that provides detailed statistics from jury verdicts.

The awards for leg fracture cases vary wildly depending upon the type of accident and the type of leg fracture. For example, for a fibula or tibia fracture, the median recovery is approximately $85,000. Not surprisingly, that number more than doubles to $167,000 for a femur fracture which is a far more significant injury.

It is also worth remembering that the median is different from the average. The average femur fracture verdict is $482,273, which is certainly elevated by one verdict in excess of $4 million. The average tibia or fibula fracture is $265,882, aided by a verdict in excess of $4.5 million.  

For multiple leg fracture (comminuted) cases, the mean and median verdicts rise to $596,618 and $192,762, respectively.

Femur Compared to Tibia/Fibula 

The settlement value gap between femur and tibia/fibula fractures makes sense because the femur is the critical bone in the leg for ambulation and mobility.  

But that rule of femur cases having a higher settlement value is an oversimplification. Our lawyers see a lot of very high-value tibia and fibula cases.   In particular, tibia fractures in the lower third of the bone are particularly troubling for adults. Once you have finished growing, the blood supply to the tibia bone is not very good.  It makes healing a challenge and this bone is hard to keep straight as it heals. So the take-home message is the severity of the fracture, the complications in recovery, and the extent of permanency of the injury is going to the driving force behind the settlement value of these cases.  

Here are a few other median verdicts relating to leg fracture cases:

  • Pedestrian - $125,000
  • Passenger - $ 97,333
  • Truck Accidents - $160,500
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