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Settlement Value of Placenta Previa Injury Claims

cerebral palsy Maryland Placenta previa is the abnormal implantation of the placenta in the lower uterine segment. This condition is common and the incidence of placenta previa end of 40 weeks is 1 in 2000. It is also a condition that can typically be conservatively managed. These reassuring facts sometimes lull doctors into complacency and, given the grave risk of injury, fail to take every possible precaution to manage the condition. This scenario often ends with a tragic birth injury and a medical malpractice lawsuit.

If the mismanagement of placenta previa has led to a birth injury to your child, you are likely to be angry and confused. But there is one thing on which there is no confusion. You want to figure out what you need to do from here to give your child the best possible life. The reality is that involves millions of dollars for adequate care in far too many cases. So should you be trying to get find a path to getting those millions of dollars to get the best possible care for your child? Absolutely.

This leads to the question of what is the average settlement value of placenta previa birth injury cases in Maryland? Good question. But while you can average the placenta previa settlements and verdicts below and get a number, that is not a meaningful answer. You can drive a truck through the range of values in these cases because there is a great variance in the severity of the injuries.

The formula to calculate the maximum value of the damages in these cases is simple. The formula is all of the expected medical bills, future lost wages as an adult, and ongoing care costs over a lifetime plus the child's noneconomic pain and suffering damages.

The settlement formula is easy. The challenge is what numbers to input into the formula to make the calculation. Getting these numbers requires medical experts to offer their opinion on what expenses and needs your child will have. To make economic sense for these numbers, our malpractice lawyers engage life care planner and an economist who can calculate the costs of this care. In birth injury cases, the cost of medical treatment and additional care can sometimes approach or exceed $50 million.

The take home message? The stakes in these cases are high. You need the best birth injury malpractice lawyer in Maryland, and you need medical experts and economics experts that best articulate you claim to the doctors and hospital's attorneys and, if necessary, six Maryland jurors.

Settlement and Verdicts in Forceps Cases

Courtroom What is the settlement value of placenta previa birth injuries? The average settlement is in the millions. But the answer to this question depends on a lot of variables of differing weights. This means that looking at the summaries of verdict and settlements in placenta previa lawsuits cannot give you a precise answer to this question. No two cases, even seemingly similar, are the same. Still, these verdicts for children and their families should give you some idea of the range of verdict and settlement values in your case.

We do not have Maryland placenta previa cases in recent years that have been reported in recent years. But there have been many unreported cases. Hospitals are getting smarter about requiring plaintiffs' medical malpractice lawyers in Maryland to keep confidential any settlement in these large cases because they do not want the bad publicity and they do not want to encourage other plaintiffs' lawyers.

  • 2016, Illinois: $625,000 Settlement. Plaintiff is pregnant and under the care of defendant primary care provider. Despite no certificate in obstetrics, defendant continues to treat her. Plaintiff has a history of a previous miscarriage and her first and second ultrasounds reveal placenta previa. Defendant does not order additional testing or give the woman a referral to a specialist. One day, the woman's placenta becomes abrupted at home. She cannot reach defendant primary care provider, and defendant hospital instructs her to come to their hospital even though she is closer to other ER's. When she arrives, the staff inexplicably waits for the primary care provider to arrive at the hospital. The infant dies eight days after she is born. The defendants do not give her a blood transfusion. The woman files this claim alleging that the failure to order more tests or refer her to a specialist prevented her from receiving treatment to mitigate or prevent the placental abruption. Defendants argue they did not think they could administer a blood transfusion due to religious reasons in an attempt to mitigate the injuries. The parties settled for $625,000. These cases are full of sad, tragic irony. There is
  • 2014, Massachusetts: $495,000 Settlement. Plaintiff goes to defendant obstetrician at 35 weeks pregnant due to vaginal bleeding. She has a history of placenta previa Defendant fails to assess the fetus and her condition properly, and sends her to the obstetrical floor to wait for an ultrasound. During the ultrasound, it is discovered the infant has died due to a large placental abruption. The woman files this claim, alleging that the defendant failed to properly evaluate her and her serious condition, causing him to not perform a C-section. She argues that in light of her diagnosis of complete placenta previa and her current complaints, defendant should have ordered an emergency C-section to be done.
  • 2013, New York: $2,590,909 Settlement. Plaintiff goes to defendant ER when she is 25-weeks pregnant for a prenatal visit. Defendant performs a manual pelvic examination, despite the mother's known diagnosis of total placenta previa. During the exam, defendant damages the placenta, causing a hemorrhage and the infant's premature delivery. Due premature delivery, the infant suffers moderate brain damage, seizure disorders, cerebral palsy, and visual impairment. The parties settle the case for $2,590,909.
  • 2012, New York: $5,950,000 Settlement. A woman receives medical care throughout her pregnancy at defendant hospital. During her pregnancy, she has an abnormal pap smear. The woman alleges that the defendants failed to protect her infant from exposure to HPV during delivery, and that they failed to recognize the symptoms of placenta previa and placenta abruption. This causes a lack of oxygen to the baby's brain and premature birth. The infant has brain injuries and cerebral palsy. The parties settled for $5,950,000.
  • 2010, Texas: $2,124,000 Verdict. This case highlights the risk the mother faces with placenta previa. A 30-year-old woman is pregnant and diagnosed with placenta previa. She is admitted to the hospital at six months pregnant for a Cesarean section of her stillborn. While attempting to remove the woman's placenta, she begins to bleed profusely. Defendants determine the placenta has grown through the wall of her uterus and into her bladder. They attempt to stop the bleed, but the woman suffers cardiopulmonary arrest and dies. Her Estate files this claim, alleging that the hospital failed to deliver plasma to the operating room in a timely fashion. Before trial, the doctor and nurse anesthetist settle the case. A jury awards the Estate $2,124,200 against the hospital.
  • 2009, New York: $24,100,000 Verdict. A woman is admitted to defendant hospital at 26 weeks pregnant with twins after being diagnosed with placenta previa and uterine bleeding. She is at high risk for sudden detachment of the placenta. The hospital staff does not make her stay in her bed, resulting in a major hemorrhage requiring an emergency C-section. One of her twins is born healthy but the other suffers cerebral palsy in both legs and an arm. She alleges that due to placenta previa and episodes of bleeding, it was important to avoid even slight trauma from ambulating. The defendants argue that she was monitored and she got out of the bed without permission. A jury awards the woman $24,100,000.
Getting a Lawyer for Your Malpractice Claim

If your child has suffered a birth injury or have suffered an injury and you believe that harm stems from the misuse of forceps in the delivery process, call Ron Miller or Laura Zois today and let's talk about your options. We have a track record of success in catastrophic injury cases and we want to help you get compensation and justice for you and your child. Call Miller & Zois today and speak to our birth injury medical malpractice attorneys at 800-553-8082 or get an online case evaluation.

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