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The Johns Hopkins medical facilities are the second largest employer in Maryland with over 20,000 employees (the University employs another 27,000 people). The Hopkins has 1,051 beds and over 1,710 full-time physicians on staff. It handles over 114,000 patient admissions every year. It brings in an astounding $7 billion a year in revenues.

Founded in 1889 (by a pretty amazing man who was ahead of his time), it is not hyperbole to say that this hospital is responsible for shaping a great deal of modern medicine. If you are a Maryland resident, you should consider yourself lucky to have access to this unbelievable institution.

Calling Hopkins is a big and great hospital is like saying LeBron James is good with a basketball. This is a great hospital. No one disagrees with this. You don't win these cases by arguing this hospital is a cesspool of malpractice. You win cases against Hopkins by telling the jury that of course it is a fantastic institution, but, like all medical institutions, it makes mistakes, and one was made in this particular case.

We've heard some plaintiffs' lawyers suggest that there are two Johns Hopkins: one for the world and one for the residents of the City of Baltimore. We don't necessarily subscribe to that theory, and it would not matter if we did. Either way, while this is an excellent health care provider with great doctors, it is a big facility, and dangerous mistakes happen there that should not occur.

The Johns Hopkins Group

Johns Hopkins has been successful at acquiring and assimilating other institutions, and it is spreading throughout Maryland. The following hospitals are part of Johns Hopkins Medicine:

  • Johns Hopkins Hospital (Baltimore, Maryland)
  • Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center (Baltimore, Maryland)
  • Kennedy Krieger Institute (Baltimore, Maryland)
  • Howard County General Hospital (Columbia, Maryland)
  • Sibley Hospital (Washington, D.C.)
  • Suburban Hospital (Bethesda, Maryland)
  • All Children's Hospital (St. Petersburg, Florida)
Where To File Johns Hopkins Hospital Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

Two of the main Johns Hopkins hospitals are located in Baltimore City, so many malpractice cases are filed there. Baltimore City (and its jurors) have a well-deserved reputation among plaintiffs' lawyers. Other Hopkins entities exist in other counties and states, however, so it is not uncommon to see lawsuits filed in Montgomery County and Washington, D.C.

Verdicts and Reported Cases

Johns Hopkins was subject to a $55 million Baltimore City jury verdict in June 2012 (Maryland law automatically reduces the verdict to about $29.6 million). The plaintiffs alleged and successfully proved that Johns Hopkins failed to perform a timely cesarean section and that the child was deprived of oxygen and suffered brain damage and developmental delays.

In many cases, Johns Hopkins acts reasonably and attempts to settle meritorious cases before lawsuits are filed if they are fact, and medical testimony against the hospital is clearly presented. Of course, we sometimes disagree one what meritorious cases are, but the fact remains that a lawsuit and trial is not always necessary against Hopkins. Our read is that they are far more willing to stand up when they make a medical mistake than the vast majority of Maryland hospitals. 

Johns Hopkins' Legal Defense Team

Here in Maryland, Johns Hopkins Hospital is often defended in medical malpractice lawsuits by attorneys Goodell, DeVries, Leech & Dann (Donald DeVries). This law firm is among the best medical malpractice defense firms in the state. There are a number of other law firms that have also represented Johns Hopkins over the years. Certainly, Hopkins' lawyer are generally very competent to handle the case and are going to fight - as we are - at every turn.

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