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Rockville Car Accident Lawyers

The Rockville personal injury lawyers at Miller & Zois represent victims of malpractice, truck & auto accidents, and other types of catastrophic injury cases. Our Rockville injury attorneys have an outstanding record of success bringing tort cases in Montgomery County.


The demographics of Rockville, Maryland in 2024 present a diverse and dynamic community.  Rockville is a pretty happening place to be these days.  The city has a population of around 66,705 people, showing a slight decline of -0.97% since the 2020 census.

The racial composition of Rockville is quite varied, with Whites making up the largest group at 53.54% of the population. Blacks or African Americans are the second largest racial group, constituting 10.39% of the population. Hispanics and Latinos form a significant portion of the community, representing 16% of the total population, with the majority being of other Hispanic or Latino origin. Asians also make up a notable 20.57% of the population.

As the county seat, Rockville is also home to the county government offices, courthouse, and a number of major businesses. This means that every day thousands of people drive out of and into the crowded, congested streets of Rockville.

Rockville Car Accidents

With all these vehicles driving around on crowded roads, Rockville sees its fair share of auto accidents. In fact, in the last 3 years there have been a total of 2,889 reported auto accidents in Rockville. Our Rockville auto accident lawyers have helped the victims in many of these accidents get full compensation for their injuries.

With all these vehicles driving around on crowded roads, Rockville sees its fair share of auto accidents. In fact, in the last 3 years there have been a total of 2,889 reported auto accidents in Rockville. Our Rockville auto accident lawyers have helped the victims in many of these accidents get full compensation for their injuries.

Most Dangerous Roads and Intersections in Rockville

Our Rockville auto accident attorneys get call regular stream of calls involving car accidents in Rockville. This gives us a unique perspective on where and how frequently auto accidents occur in Rockville. Below is a list of the most dangerous intersections in Rockville based on our own first-hand knowledge from lead calls and data published by Montgomery County Department of Transportation.

Rockville Pike (MD 355) is the main artery road that runs through Rockville. Rockville Pike also happens to be one of the busiest, most heavily travelled and commercially dense roads in Maryland. You can hardly drive 200 feet on Rockville Pike without going through major intersections interspersed by countless entrances to shopping centers or office building parking lots. Rockville Pike is also notorious for traffic congestion. It is no surprise that the majority of auto accidents in Rockville happen on Rockville Pike, making it the most dangerous road in Rockville for both drivers and pedestrians.

There are several intersections in Rockville (most along Rockville Pike) that generate a disproportionately high number of car accidents. The most dangerous intersections, based on recent accident report data, include:

  • Veirs Mill and Rockville Pike: Veirs Mill Road (named after a 19th century grist mill on Rock Creek) is more like a highway with traffic lights than a “road.” Veirs Mill has six lanes of traffic than connect the center of Rockville to Georgia Avenue in Wheaton. Veirs Mill intersects Rockville Pike right in the heart of downtown Rockville. What makes this intersection so hazardous is the sheer volume of traffic that goes through it on a daily basis and the confusing angle at which the 2 major roads intersect.
  • Veirs Mill and First Street: First Street is a significant 4 lane road that runs roughly north-south along the eastern edge of downtown Rockville. First Street intersects Veirs Mill right at the border between the commercial center of Rockville and the densely populated residential area. It is a fairly standard intersection with a typical traffic light, but it is dangerous mainly because of the high volume of drivers making left turns against oncoming traffic.
  • Rockville Pike and Wootton Parkway: Wootton Parkway winds between a residential neighborhood and Woodmont Country Club just south of downtown. Wootton Parkway ends at its intersection with Rockville Pike and then becomes First Street. Vehicles tend to go through this intersection at higher speeds compared to other, busier, intersections. As a result, accidents that occur here tend to be serious with at least 1 fatality and another resulting in serious disability.

Auto Accidents in Rockville Are on the Rise

Rockville and Montgomery County have seen a steady increase in the number of auto accidents in recent years. This is partly due to the fact that the number of drivers on Rockville’s roads has been increasing. More and more people are living, working and shopping in Rockville which makes more car accidents inevitable. Construction of the Inter-County Connector (ICC) has reduced traffic congestion in Rockville, but it has not reduced the number of frequency of auto accidents. Accidents have continued to rise.

Rockville Auto Accident Attorneys Can Help If You Have Been Injured

If you are injured in an auto accident in Rockville or Montgomery County and you were not at fault, you are legally entitled to financial compensation for all of your loses. This includes compensation for damage to your car and compensation for any physical injuries you suffered in the accident. If you suffered any type of physical injury in a Rockville car accident, you should consider hiring a lawyer to pursue your claim against the at-fault driver’s insurance company.

The Rockville auto accident attorneys at Miller & Zois can help get you the maximum amount of compensation for your claim. We have handled thousands of auto tort cases resulting from accidents in Rockville and elsewhere in Montgomery County. We have a well-established track record of success going to trial on auto tort cases in Rockville. Insurance carriers and adjusters are well aware of this which gives our firm the leverage to negotiate a fair settlement on your behalf.

Rockville Auto Accident Settlement Amounts

The value of any auto accident case depends largely on the nature and extent of the injuries caused by the accident. The more serious the injury, the more valuable the case will be. Location and jurisdiction can also have an impact on the potential value of an auto tort case, particularly in Maryland.

For example, juries in Baltimore City are known to be more generous when awarding damages to plaintiffs. As a result, an auto tort claim in Baltimore City will have a higher potential value compared to a case in a less favorable jurisdiction (such as Howard County).

If you are plaintiff in a car accident in Rockville, your jury pool will fall somewhere between Baltimore City and Howard County. A lawsuit for an auto accident in Rockville would get filed in Montgomery County. Montgomery County is not nearly as plaintiff-friendly as places like Prince George’s or Baltimore City. However, Montgomery is also not a bad venue to be a plaintiff in a tort case. The gist of it Rockville is better than most jurisdictions. Montgomery County juries give victims a fair shake.

Rockville Auto Accident Settlements and Verdicts

Described below are publicly reported settlements and jury verdicts from Rockville and Montgomery County auto tort cases.

  • $35,000 Verdict for Rear-End Accident (2023): The plaintiff was a passenger in a vehicle stopped at a red light in Rockville when the vehicle was suddenly rear-ended by the defendant. The plaintiff suffered unspecified injuries and was awarded $35,000 for pain and suffering with no medical expenses.
  • $120,429 Verdict for Rear-End Accident (2020): The plaintiff suffered persistent lumbar radicular pain, requiring steroid injections and physical therapy, bilateral leg pain, neck pain, and post-concussion syndrome when his vehicle, stopped for a school bus unloading passengers, was rear-ended by a vehicle operated by defendant.
  • $105,944 Verdict for UIM Claim (2018): Plaintiff suffered significant injuries in an auto accident in Rockville. She settled a claim against the at-fault driver for policy limits of $30,000 and then pursued a claim for UIM damages against her own insurer (State Farm) for the rest of her damages. State Farm refused to settle her UIM claim and took the case to trial in Montgomery County arguing that plaintiff was contributorily negligent. The jury found that the plaintiff was not contributorily negligent in causing the accident and awarded her $105k.
  • $42,822 Verdict for Rear-End Accident (2016): Female plaintiff claimed that she came to a stop for a red light on Twinbrook Parkway at Fishers Lane in Rockville, when defendant failed to stop and slammed into her from behind. Plaintiff sought damages for various soft-tissue injuries to her back and neck. Defendant admitted liability but went to trial on the extent and nature of the alleged injuries. The jury in Rockville awarded $42k in damages.
  • $66,742 Verdict for Rear-End Accident (2016): Plaintiff came to a stop for a red light at the intersection of Route 28 East and Quince Orchard Blvd. Defendant failed to stop and hit plaintiff from behind causing her to suffer various injuries to her neck, back and shoulder. Defendant disputed whether plaintiff’s injuries were valid and caused by the accident. The case went to trial in Rockville and the jury awarded $66k in damages.
  • $272,000 Verdict for Rear-End Accident (2014): Plaintiff, middle-aged female, was driving on Old Georgetown Road at its intersection with Executive Boulevard in Rockville, when she was violently rear-ended by the defendant. She sued the defendant alleging injuries to her back, neck, right shoulder, and teeth. Defendant denied fault for the accident, claiming that plaintiff started to proceed through the intersection on a green light then suddenly stopped for no reason. The case went to trial and the jury found the defendant at-fault and awarded $272k in damages.

Contact a Rockville Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have been injured in an auto accident in Rockville or Montgomery County, contact the Rockville injury lawyers at Miller & Zois for a free consultation.

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