Medical Malpractice Lawsuits Involving Advanced Radiology in Maryland

Advanced Radiology is the biggest medical imaging provider in Maryland. It provides x-rays, MRI, MRA, digital mammography, ultrasound, bone density tests, PET, CT/CTA, PET/CT, and nuclear medicine tests. At last count, Advanced Radiology has 32 independent locations, with six of their locations located within a hospital. They have the cache of providing radiological services for the Baltimore Ravens. Advanced Radiology was born small. In 1995, radiology providers merged and, later, two smaller shops joined Advanced to make the mega-radiology provider there is today.

Because we are talking about medical malpractice claims against Advanced Radiology, you are probably expecting a diatribe about how they are a poor health care provider who frequently commits malpractice. However, that is not our contention. We think Advanced Radiology generally does a competent job of treating its patients, taking the images patients need and properly interpreting them. Advanced Radiology is also pretty reasonable, with giving victims a chance to wait for their personal injury settlements, before advancing collection efforts. But like any large-scale health care provider, Advanced Radiology makes mistakes, gets sued, and pays out settlements and jury verdicts to malpractice victims. Radiologists can make errors of perception, knowledge, and judgment and any one of these mistakes can be medical malpractice. 

Venue of Advance Radiology Claims Radiology

Interestingly, Advanced Radiology has 17 locations in Baltimore County and none in Baltimore City. Although, Advanced Radiology is located in two Baltimore City hospitals. In the past, Advanced Radiology has submitted affidavits to the court underscoring its limited contacts in Baltimore City. Why? The goal was to get lawsuits filed against Advanced Radiology out of the City, and into one of the surrounding counties, where the juries are more favorable in medical malpractice lawsuits. Those same arguments are harder to make now with Advanced Radiology physically located in two Baltimore hospitals. But the appropriate venue for any medical malpractice lawsuit in Maryland is going to depend on the unique facts of the claim.

Lawsuits Against Advanced Radiology

Below are recently filed lawsuits against Advanced Radiology and, where available, the nature of the claims against it.

  • Wadsworth v. Advanced Radiology (2018): Failure to diagnose breast cancer
  • Narowanski v. Advanced Radiology (2018): Failure to diagnose a brain bleed
  • Savage v. Advanced Radiology (2017): Delayed diagnosis of kidney cancer led to man's death
  • Sturgill v. Advanced Radiology (2017):  Interpreted scan showing pre-metastatic pancreatic cancer as a large lymph node. 
  • Henson v. Advanced Radiology (2017):  Misinterpreted evidence of an ischemic stroke on a head CT scan. 
  • Blake v. Advanced Radiology (2015): Misdiagnosis of tumor on MRI.
  • Pettiford v. Advanced Radiology (2015): Misdiagnosis of fetal nuchal edema (swollen fetal cervical region). It is unclear whether the allegations are of a false positive or a false negative result.
  • Hall v. Advanced Radiology (2014): Lung cancer misdiagnosis.
  • Wandell v. Advanced Radiology (2014): Misdiagnosis of a hematoma.

While it is easy to find lawsuits against Advanced Radiology, we cannot find a jury verdict, except for a $7 million award nearly ten years ago.

Why? Advanced Radiology has a good reputation that is has built over the last 21 years. It does not want the publicity of a jury verdict to besmirch its reputation as the go-to provider for radiological services. Accordingly, if the case cannot be dismissed, Advanced Radiology has a strong incentive to settle malpractice cases against it.

[2018 Update: There was a $465,000 verdict against Advanced Radiology in Towson in 2017.] 

Do You Have a Case?

Diagnostic radiology malpractice claims typically revolve around the patient's medical records and films generated for the patient. If a review of these records leads to the suspicion that a medical mistake has been made, the next step is to find an expert to testify for you that the radiologist deviated from the applicable standard of care required of a prudent radiologist and that the deviation is a cause of harm that was done.

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