Toyota Camry Car Crashes

Everyone loves the Camry. The Toyota Camry is the best-selling car in the country. As you would expect, the Camry is involved in a large number of car accidents. If you have been injured in an accident either driving or getting hit by a Toyota Camry and want compensation for the harm that was done to you, call 410-779-4600 or get a free online consultation.

The U.S. News & World Report rates the Toyota Camry the #1 mid-sized car for 2016. The vehicle receives 5-star ratings overall and in the side crash category, accompanied by four-star ratings in the frontal crash and rollover ratings by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The 2016 rating is step-up from the prior years, where it rated at the top of the "affordable midsized cars." However, the four and five-star safety ratings have been consistent from the 2012 model through the 2016 model.

The earlier year models (specifically 2007 - 2011) had marginal ratings by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety regarding rear crash protection. This is a concern for Camry's made in those years, but Toyota has seemed to fix the problem as the ratings after 2011 are much better.

Maryland Verdicts & Settlements

Below are some Maryland verdicts and settlements involving automobile accidents, where one of the cars involved was a Toyota Camry. We don't have data on the settlement value of car accident cases involving Toyota Camrys. But we bet the settlement value of a Toyota Camry case is less than the average case. The hunch is that Camry drivers are typically more conservative people who are more likely to drive responsibility. This is why insuance rates are slightly less for the Camry than similar vehicles at the same price point. But the Camry can, like any vehicle, cause real harm and death as you will see reviewing these example verdicts and settlements.

  • 2012, Baltimore City: $19,461 Verdict. Plaintiff is driving her Acura on Central Avenue. As she approaches the intersection of East Baltimore Street, defendant, driving a 1995 Toyota Camry, attempts a left turn across plaintiff's lane of travel. This results in a collision, leaving plaintiff with a knee injury. A jury awards the plaintiff $12,960.90 in past medical expenses and $6,500 for other damages.
  • 2011, Howard County:$30,492.99 Verdict. Plaintiff is riding his bicycle, wearing a bright yellow helmet and bright red jersey. Defendant backs his 2002 Toyota Camry out of a driveway without looking, and plaintiff tries to stop his bike but collides with the side of the Camry with his right shoulder and hip. He then falls onto the pavement and sustains injuries to his shoulder, hips, and ribs. A Maryland State Police investigation reveals that the driver of the Camry was at fault, as he failed to keep a proper lookout and failed to keep his vehicle under proper control. A jury awards the plaintiff $9,625.23 for past medical expenses, $42,867.76 in lost wages, and $18,000 in non-economic damages.
  • 2010, Anne Arundel County:$192,500 Verdict. Plaintiff is driving her 2001 Toyota Camry on Hospital Drive when defendant makes a left hand turn directly in front of her after exiting a parking lot. Plaintiff is unable to avoid a collision and sustains injuries to her shoulder and knees. The injuries require multiple surgeries to correct. A jury awards the plaintiff $100,000 for medical expenses and $92,500 for non-economic damages. The award was later reduced to $145,500 due to prior insurance payments.
  • 2010, Anne Arundel County:$26,668.73 Verdict. Plaintiffs are passengers in a 2005 Toyota Camry being driven by defendant when defendant fails to stop at a stop sign and strikes a tree while attempting to avoid a collision. The plaintiffs suffer injuries to their heads, bodies, and limbs as a result. They file a claim against the defendant driver, alleging negligence in failing to obey the stop sign, in failing to control her speed, in failing to avoid a collision, and in driving at an excessive speed. The defendant driver brought a case against the driver she claims to have been avoiding when she crashed, which a jury bought, and awarded the plaintiff passengers and the driver of their vehicle $26,688.73.
  • 2008, Howard County:$68,108.00 Verdict. Plaintiff is driving on Maple Wood Drive when she stops at a stop sign. She then proceeds through the intersection, where she is hit on the driver's side by a 2002 Toyota Camry driven by the defendant. She files a lawsuit, claiming defendant caused the collision by driving too fast, failing to yield the right of way, failing to properly observe the road and traffic conditions, and failing to brake appropriately. As a result, her neck, back, ribs, hips, and thighs are injured. A judge awards her $37,188 for past medical expenses, $25,920 for future medical expenses, and $5,000 for non-economic damages.
National Verdicts & Settlements
  • 2016, California: $260,000 Verdict. Plaintiff is driving his Toyota Camry when he is struck from behind by defendant. A jury awards the plaintiff $200,000 for past medical expenses and $60,000 for non-economic damages.
  • 2016, California: $250,000 Settlement. Plaintiff is traveling south on the highway as she slows to a stop beyond a Toyota Camry. Suddenly, the vehicle behind her fails to stop and rear-ends her. The intense impact causes plaintiff's vehicle to collide with the Toyota Camry in front of her. As a result, plaintiff sustained herniated discs and anterolisthesis, and will need additional rounds of epidural steroid injections. A jury awards her $250,000.
  • 2016, Florida: $189,581 Verdict. Plaintiff is driving her Honda Accord in a parking lot when a 2004 Toyota Camry, driven by defendant, strikes her. She sustains injuries and claims that the driver was negligent. A jury awards her $189,581.00.
  • 2016, Texas: $30,000 Settlement. A minor is a passenger in a Ford pickup truck when it collides with a 2016 Toyota Camry, causing the truck to cross the roadway, roll over multiple times, and stop in a drainage ditch. The minor sustained injuries as a result, and the driver died. The parents of the minor bring a claim against the representative of the driver's estate, alleging negligence in the causing the occurrence. The parties agreed to settle for $30,000.
  • 2015, California:$530,000 Settlement. A sixty-year-old middle school teacher is driving her 2012 Toyota Camry one morning, with her 92-year-old mother as her passenger. They stop for a red traffic signal, and begin proceeding into an intersection on a green light. Suddenly, defendant crashes his vehicle into the side of plaintiff's vehicle, and pushes the plaintiffs' vehicle through the intersection, forcing it to collide with another vehicle. An investigation reveals that the defendant failed to stop at his red traffic signal. The plaintiff driver sustained a right orbital fracture, a frontal sinus fracture, left pneumothorax and left basilar atelectasis and multiple rib fractures along with right flank pain and blunt force trauma. Her 92-year-old-mother sustained hemorrhagic contusions, a right fibula head fracture, rib fractures, loss of consciousness, decreased hearing, and loss of an independent living ability. The parties agree to settle for the defendant's policy limits of $530,000.
  • 2015, Washington:$275,000 Settlement. A 72-year-old female is driving her Toyota Camry on the highway. She changes lanes after entering the highway, and is traveling for about half a mile when a pickup truck, pulling a trailer, changes lanes in front of her and strikes her vehicle. She then spins out of control and strikes the concrete barrier of the highway. The defendant argues that the plaintiff changed lanes into his lane of travel and struck him, but also claimed he say her attempt to change lanes, and he braked and veered while attempting to avoid the collision. The parties agreed to settle for $275,000.
  • 2015, Washington: $89,736 Settlement. Plaintiff driver is driving with two other adults and two minors in his vehicle when defendant, driving a 1998 Toyota Camry, fails to yield the right-of-way upon exiting a parking lot. Defendant strikes the vehicle with the plaintiffs. A jury awards a total of $89,736 to the plaintiffs.
  • 2015, Indiana:$85,000 Verdict. Plaintiff is driving her Chevy Blazer when defendant, driving a 2001 Toyota Camry, attempts to make a left turn onto the road plaintiff is driving on. Defendant drives in front of plaintiff's vehicle, causing a collision. Plaintiff and her husband file a claim alleging negligence, carelessness, reckless, malicious, and wanton driving. More specifically, they allege that defendant failed to yield the right away and was driving with a blood-alcohol level over the legal limit. A jury awards the plaintiff $75,000 for compensatory damages and $10,000 for punitive damages.
  • 2015, Washington:$45,000 Verdict. A man is driving his 1988 Toyota Camry and is stopped for traffic when he is rear-ended by defendant's vehicle. He sustains a neck injury and an injury to his cervical spine, along with facet joint syndrome. A jury awards him $45,000.
  • 2015, Alabama:$32,000 Settlement. Plaintiff and her daughter are traveling in their 2007 Toyota Camry. They are approaching an intersection when their vehicle is impacted by defendant who is attempting to make a left turn onto the road they were traveling. The plaintiffs allege negligence, recklessness, and unlawful conduct on the part of the defendant, causing their personal injuries. The parties settle for $32,000.
  • 2015, Virginia:$25,000 Verdict. Plaintiff is operating her 2012 Toyota Camry. She is stopped at a red light when the defendant collides with the rear of her vehicle at a high rate of speed. She brings a claim against him, alleging negligence as he failed to operate his vehicle with due regard for the safety of others, he failed to drive at a safe speed for the road conditions, and he failed to maintain control of his vehicle, among other claims. The defendant admits liability, and a jury assessed damages at $25,000.
Class Action Lawsuits

Toyota settled a class-action lawsuit concerning unintended acceleration in two of its vehicles, including the Toyota Camry, models from 1998-2010. A federal judge approved a $1.2-$1.4 billion settlement in March 2014, criticizing Toyota for its corporate misconduct. The class-action suit, filed in 2010, alleged that the cars suddenly accelerated due to flaws in the electronic throttle control system and that fatal accidents resulted. Investigations revealed reasons ranging from floor mats entrapping the gas pedal to gas pedal linkage sticking in an open position, causing the driver to lose control.

More recently, in November 2015, a class action suit was filed against Toyota over defects in the heating, ventilation, and HVAC systems of Camry cars causing mold and foul odors. The claim alleges that Toyota knew about the defect and the risk to health and safety, and concealed the risks from purchasers. Damages are alleged for over $5 million for Camry models 2011 - 2015. The members of the suit give several examples of times, since 1997, that Toyota was made aware of the defects. In February 2016, Toyota filed a motion to dismiss the class action against the company, alleging the plaintiffs can't show how their vehicles are worth less money based on the defect that promotes mold growth.


There have been two recalls for the 2016 Toyota Camry. The most recent recall, June 2016, is concerning the carrying capacity label. The other recall concerns the air bag passenger occupant classification system. The 2010 Camry was recalled for seats, along with the 2005, 2008, 2009 models.

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