Maryland Medical Malpractice Lawsuits Filed in March 2018

  1. Astarb v. Suburban Hospital (filed March 2, 2018): Following surgery, doctors incorrectly intubated a patient, compromising his oxygen supply. He suffered a hypoxic brain injury and ultimately died as a result.

  2. Jackson v. Harbor Hospital (filed March 5, 2018): As a result of a delayed C-section delivery, a baby suffered an in utero stroke and was born with permanent brain injuries.

  3. Dalessandro v. Shady Grove Adventist Hospital (filed March 5, 2018): A nurse mistakenly administered Epinephrine rather than Ephedrine to a woman experiencing postoperative hypotension. The woman suffered permanent heart and cognitive damage as a result of the mix-up.

  4. Gaiser v. Greater Washington Maternal Fetal Medicine and Genetics (filed March 6, 2018): After parents received false reassurance from a genetic counselor, they had three children together. Their youngest daughter was born with Canavan disease, a fatal neurodegenerative genetic disorder.

  5. Jeffries v. Seton Medical Group (filed March 6, 2018): A woman with gestational diabetes was not provided with regular glucose checks throughout labor and delivery. As a result, her doctors did not realize that she needed an insulin drip to regulate her blood sugar levels and her baby was born with a hypoglycemic brain injury.

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