Maryland Medical Malpractice Lawsuits Filed in February 2018

  1. Knox-Hicks v. Suburban Hospital (filed February 1, 2018): In this Montgomery County wrongful death claim, a man suffered a hypoxic brain injury. After his tumor removal surgery, the man was coughing and breathing fluids into his airway, but he was never intubated.

  2. McNeil v. Doctors Community Rehab (filed February 1, 2018): A nursing home resident's symptoms should have classified her as a high fall risk, but she was never provided with an adequate fall prevention plan. While unsupervised, the woman fell three times, fracturing her hip and wrist.

  3. Pevia v. Berrera (filed February 1, 2018): An inmate injured his knee and underwent a surgical procedure to repair his torn meniscus. The man's incision site became severely infected and all of his stitches fell out, leaving behind holes in his tissue.

  4. Thomas v. Capital Orthopaedic Specialists (filed February 6, 2018): A man developed a postoperative infection after undergoing a left total knee replacement surgery.

  5. Chase v. Futurecare Courtland (filed February 6, 2018): In this nursing home negligence claim, a woman with a history of falls was left unsupervised and without a fall prevention measures in her care plan. Predictably, she fell and suffered a femur fracture.

  6. Johnson v. Montgomery Otolaryngology Consultants (filed February 6, 2018): An ENT doctor performed a negligent biopsy and missed diagnosing a cancerous mass on the man's tongue. The cancer was diagnosed three months later, by which time it was impossible to treat successfully.

  7. Jasmine v. Fairfield Nursing and Rehabilitation Center (filed February 7, 2018): Nursing home staff failed to follow the doctor's orders and provide a woman with adequate care to prevent a deep vein thrombosis. When the woman started exhibiting obvious symptoms of DVT, the nurses failed to appreciate the seriousness of the situation and notify the physician. The woman died of a pulmonary embolism only eight days after she was admitted to the nursing home.

  8. Cole v. Johns Hopkins Hospital (filed February 7, 2018): Over a period of eight months, a man had multiple abnormal Brain MRIs and demonstrated worsening symptoms. Yet, his physician failed to refer him for a brain lesion biopsy, which would have definitively diagnosed a brain tumor and a primary immunodeficiency disease.

  9. Gustafson v. United States of America (filed February 7, 2018): Physicians at a Maryland VA hospital diagnosed a man with kidney cancer after reviewing his CT scan, but they did not inform the man of his cancer diagnosis.

  10. Wahl v. Upper Chesapeake Orthopedics (filed February 8, 2018): An orthopedic surgeon replaced both of a woman's hips. After the left hip replacement, the woman was left with a longer left leg. The right hip replacement was supposed to correct the length discrepancy, but the surgeon used the wrong size prosthetic.

  11. Venable v. Moore & Associates Obstetrics & Gynecology (filed February 8, 2018): A woman suffered medical negligence and sexual battery while delivering her baby at Prince George's Hospital Center.

  12. Fox v. Lee (filed February 9, 2018): After switching to a new dentist, a man realized that tartar had been building up in his mouth and under his ill-fitting dental crowns, causing severe tooth decay.

  13. Buddemeyer v. Kaiser Permanente White Marsh Medical Center (filed February 12, 2018): A family medicine doctor misdiagnosed a deep vein thrombosis as a groin strain. The DVT deteriorated into compartment syndrome, and the man was bounced back and forth between Kaiser and GBMC before he was finally treated.

  14. Tarawaly v. Bon Secours Hospital (filed February 12, 2018): A man with schizophrenia and known suicidal ideations was not properly monitored while he awaited treatment at the hospital. Unsupervised, he jumped from the roof of the building and suffered multiple severe injuries.

  15. Bragin v. Shady Grove Adventist Hospital (filed February 12, 2018): When a fetus showed signs of oxygen deprivation during labor and delivery, the physician should have delivered the baby via an emergency C-section. Instead, the doctor administered Pitocin and allowed the vaginal delivery to proceed, causing the baby to suffer an anoxic brain injury.

  16. Mastro v. Suburban Hospital (filed February 12, 2018): In this wrongful death case, a disabled woman with an inability to communicate suffocated because she was not properly monitored during her hospital stay.

  17. Corby v. Brightview Fallsgrove (filed February 13, 2018): A nursing home resident was found on the floor of her room, beaten and badly injured. She later died of her injuries.

  18. Laughlin v. Sinai Hospital (filed February 14, 2018): When a couple presented to the hospital's Institute of Maternal Fetal Medicine, concerned about their chances of passing Canavan Disease on to their unborn child, a genetic counselor only tested the wife and negligently failed to test the husband. Five months later, their child was born with Canavan Disease.

  19. Oliver v. Mid Atlantic Permanente Medical Group (filed February 15, 2018): A man died after his doctor mistakenly thought that his fainting episodes were caused by sleep apnea rather than heart arrhythmias.

  20. Shipman v. United States (filed February 15, 2018): A doctor at the Malcolm Grow Medical Clinic improperly treated a man's jammed finger, causing him to suffer pain, deformity, and a diminished range of motion.

  21. Lowrey v. United States (filed February 15, 2018): A man recovering from back surgery had difficulty breathing and dropping oxygenation levels. After multiple unsuccessful intubation attempts and an unnecessary cric, the man suffered long-term voice loss.

  22. Robinson v. Johns Hopkins Community Physicians (filed February 15, 2018): In spite of the baby's obvious symptoms, a family medicine doctor failed to realize that her patient was suffering from Kawasaki disease until it was too late. The baby sustained permanent heart damage as a result of the delayed diagnosis.

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