Kugel Hernia Patch Lawsuits

The Kugel mesh hernia patch is used to repair ventral hernias. Developed by Dr. Robert D. Kugel, the Composix Kugel Mesh Patch was designed to repair ventral hernias caused by the thinning or stretching of scar tissue that often formed after a hernia operation. The Kugel hernia mesh patch is made by C.R. Bard, Inc., and their subsidiary, Davol, Inc. who has a patent on the Kugel patch. There have been hundreds of lawsutis filed for complications from these hernia mesh patches and many of these cases have already settled and many more are expected to follow.

How It Works Kugel Hernia Patch

The Kugel mesh patch is made of two pieces of mesh that surround a flexible plastic ring. The surgeon places the mesh patch in a small incision. The surgeon would fold the patch and place it at the site of the hernia. The released ring would then spring back into its original shape, flattening the patch. The meshlike material would serve as a substrate, allowing the hernia patient's own tissue to grow and assist in healing the hernia.

The Kugel Mesh Patch can break, however, leading to bowel perforations and chronic intestinal fistulae. These are very serious conditions that pose a significant health risk to Kugel hernia patch patients. The problem with the Kugel hernia patch is that the plastic component could break and cut through a patient's internal organs and tissue. In many cases, the memory recoil ring can break while being inserted. If the Kugel recoil ring breaks, the most common complication is bowel perforations or rupture and chronic intestinal fistulae. The FDA has received reports of more than 80 injuries and other problems possibly related to it, including several fatalities. Our Kugel hernia patch lawyers expect an increasing number of reports of injuries in the weeks and months to come.

What Kind of Hernia Mesh Cases Our Lawyers Are Taking

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