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Howard County Dentist Malpractice Lawsuit

Anderson v. Waverly Woods Aesthetic Dental Center, LLC

This is a dental malpractice case filed by a woman in Howard County, Maryland essentially claiming shoddy dentistry and that she was overcharged for the work done. It is the 328th medical malpractice case filed in Maryland in 2016. The case was filed on July 1, 2016, very close to the statute of limitations in the case.

Summary of Plaintiff's Allegations

Plaintiff, an actress and business owner who speaks and trains on executive and leadership development, seeks out treatment to improve the aesthetic appearance of her upper left tooth as it is smaller, darker, and not aligned with her other teeth. The tooth does not give her pain or have any decay, and it is not the source of any swelling or disease.

She arrives for a consult with a dentist in Marriottsville. The dentist advises her she needs to have all of her teeth immediately extracted because she is in danger of serious dental disease which would cause her to lose many of her teeth. She is talked into a plan including crowns for sixteen of her teeth and restorations on three other teeth. This plan includes periodontal surgery, but this is not explained to her. The cost to her is almost $30,000.

Plaintiff's treatments begin, including sessions of up to six hours at a time. She experiences pain. As part of her treatment, but not in the original plan, defendant doctor performs a resin build-up of the specific tooth for which the plaintiff originally sought treatment.

About a year into treatment, the defendants convince her that her posterior teeth had veneers applied, so she needs them on her anterior teeth to make them match, even though there is nothing wrong with these teeth. The defendants do not tell her that they would not match. A treatment plan is proposed that is complicated and has multiple modifications, costing the plaintiff an additional $30,000.

This plan also includes a second round of extensive periodontal surgery. During this second periodontal surgery, the plaintiff passes out and is left alone, unconscious, in the operation room. After the procedure, she experiences excruciating pain and extreme sensitivity to hot, cold, and air.

Next, the defendants insert labial veneers at five teeth, which are replaced within a few months with the only explanation for the replacement being "it needed to be done." Plaintiff's anterior teeth receive veneers, followed by final veneers and crowns. After the final set of veneers and crowns, the plaintiff continues to have excruciating pain and discomfort. She cannot properly close her mouth, is unable to chew food, and is unable to eat anything that is not room temperature and is not a liquid. She complains to the defendants but receives no response.

Plaintiff goes for second and third opinions about her pain and lack of occlusion and is referred to the University of Maryland where she learns that her bite is significantly out of occlusion. They find that her pain is caused by poor bonding, gaps around the veneers, violation of the biological width, over-preparation of her natural teeth for veneers, and ill-fitting prosthetics. She is told that the only thing they could do for her at this point is to remove everything and start all over.

Plaintiff brings a claim against the dentist and practice, due to the extreme physical pain and emotional anguish she suffered due to their negligence.

Additional Comments
  • dentist errors This case is in Howard County, a very tough jurisdiction for plaintiffs. But this case could have some jury appeal if these allegations can be proven. The economic damages are not high, and it is likely there is no permanent injury. But any jury can imagine themselves in this woman's position. Also, if she teaching on effective speaking, she will probably be a pretty effective witness at trial.
  • Jurors might also ask why she would not get a second opinion. But they are unlikely to hold that against her.
  • We did not find an expert report filed yet in this case, maybe because it was filed in a rush on the eve of the statute of limitations. If her dental malpractice lawyer could get a subsequent treating dentist at the University of Maryland testify on her behalf, it would substantially increase the value of the case.
  • Howard County
Defendants Negligence Allegations
  • Negligent treatment planning
  • Negligently recommendation of treatment plan improperly including compromising the integrity of healthy teeth
  • Failing to obtain informed consent
  • Negligence in preparing, fabricating and inserting crowns and veneers that violated the patient's biological width, improperly altering her vertical dimension, were too bulky and ill-fitting, and did not allow for proper occlusion
  • Negligently mismanaging post-surgical care
  • Overcharging for care and treatment
Getting a Lawyer for Your Malpractice Claim

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