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Our attorneys handle nursing home lawsuits against Maryland nursing homes, including FutureCare. The purpose of this page is to provide information specific to FutureCare Clinton facility in Prince George's County, Maryland.

Overview of FutureCare Cold Spring in Baltimore, Maryland

FutureCare maintains a nursing home at 9106 Pine View Lane in Clinton, Maryland. This site has 192 beds and has, at last count we could find, 161 residents. The nursing home's phone number is (410) 880-4353.

This facility has:

  • physical, occupational, and respiratory therapists
  • speech language pathologists
  • a respiratory therapy team
  • hospice services

This nursing home has some issues. One study found that the incidence of pressure sores in this FutureCare facility's long term residents is over twice the Maryland average. This is a problem that goes to the core of the nursing home injury and death epidemic in this country: the nursing homes refusal to do the little things that it must do to keep its residents protected and safe and able to enjoy their golden years to the fullest extent possible.


The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services gives this Prince George's County nursing home 3 stars. Which means it is basically average. (Actually, the Maryland average is around 3.36 stars.) So if you think as we do that the average nursing home in this country is terrible, that is not a very good rating.

This FutureCare nursing home in Clinton does even worse on their health inspection rating, earning two stars (also below the Maryland average of 2.78 and the national average of 2.81).

What do you have to do to get two stars? Let's see:

  • January 10, 2014: This nursing home did not put its best foot forward for this inspection. Here are just some of the things where this facility fell short:
    • keeping essential equipment working (including wheelchairs and bed rails)
    • serving sanitary and clean food
    • failure to maintain a call system
    • get residents the x-rays and other tests they need
    • have a plan to stop infection
    • maintain drugs safely
    • provide housekeeping and maintenance services
    • make sure doctor's orders were followed
What Does This Inspection Tell Us About This Nursing Home? futurecare lawsuits

Certainly, it was just one inspection. You can check out some of the others here. But my goodness, is there anything that could happen in this nursing home that would surprise you after reading that? Probably not.

Certainly, it is hard to walk away from all of this and think that FutureCare's Prince George's County location is an A+. But is it a terrible place to spend your golden years? We do not have enough information to go that far. We have never brought a lawsuit or a claim involving this facility and, at this point, you know what we know about it.

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More Information
  • Get reviews of this nursing home. Sneak preview: they are awful. But take them with a grain or two of salt -- people generally do not write nursing home reviews that are happy customers. Still, you get a flavor from these reviews, mixed with the inspection reports, that is not so good.
  • False Claims Act cases against nursing homes
  • Learn more about nursing home negligence claims in Maryland

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