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Brittany was born and raised in Colorado. She enjoyed working with the public through lifeguarding and teaching swim lessons. When she graduated high school, she wanted to make a life for herself and decided to attend Hood College in Frederick, Maryland. At Hood, Brittany was able to participate on the swim team and make invaluable friendships. She majored in English with a concentration in literature and a minor in Secondary Education. She graduated with honors in May of 2016.

Brittany then became a Baltimore City Public School teacher through Teach for America where she worked with special education in the high school setting. She saw many injustices throughout her time there and began thinking of a career that would allow her to be a better advocate for those she was teaching. She found ways to be organized throughout the system and enjoyed solving cases of special education students who were in the wrong setting. She successfully placed many students on her caseload into the more appropriate setting for their skill levels while gaining a breadth of knowledge regarding educational law. Towards the end of her first year in the city, a new budget was released that claimed more than 1,000 teachers were going to be fired. So, Brittany then found an opportunity with Baltimore County Public Schools.

At this new school, Brittany saw the same injustices and felt inadequate as a voice for her students. As she continued to pursue her own professional development through a Master's program at John's Hopkins University, she realized she wanted to learn more about advocacy. Brittany decided to leave the teaching field to pursue the legal field full-time and joined us in September of 2018.

She is still pursuing her Master's with the hope of law school in the near future. Brittany currently resides in Baltimore County and still continues to swim with those same friends from her years at Hood College.

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