Why You Haven’t Heard Anything

Probably the most common question I (and most personal injury lawyers) get from clients is “I haven’t heard from you in a while, what’s going on with my case?” Generally, the reason you haven’t heard from me in a while is because there is nothing going on with your case. I know, that’s kind of a flip answer.

I think the reason behind the question is that most clients do not have a detailed understanding of the life cycle of a personal injury case. After intake, and during the client’s medical treatment, not a whole lot goes on. This is particularly true in terms of personal interaction with the lawyer. We generally follow up with treating clients every three weeks. We have a staff member whose title is “treatment monitor,” who keeps track of the client’s medical progress and makes sure we are aware of all current medical treatment so that we can secure documentation. It just isn’t efficient to have a lawyer handling all of these communications.

So there is not a lot of direct contact between lawyer and client during this period, but that is because there are few legal issues that arise during this phase of the case. Once treatment is complete, there is much more personal involvement by the lawyer in addressing settlement issues and if needed, litigation.

So there you go. Don’t get worried. We are on top of your case. We just need to get you better before we can move the case along to the next stage.