The best work day of the year.

Today is my favorite workday of the year.

Obviously, I love being home with my wife and family during the holidays, but I can’t shake my affinity for working the days between Christmas and New Year’s. December 26th is the best day of the year to be in the office.

Like many offices, ours is half-empty because a lot of folks have decided to stretch the holidays into a week of family time. My phone will barely ring today because clients, opposing counsel, and insurance adjusters are busy vacationing or just enjoying family time. Other than new case intake (unfortunately, serious injuries don’t take the holidays off) I don’t expect to get many calls today.

So today is a great day for catching up on correspondence, writing and blogging. Got an unusual case where you need to custom-draft discovery requests? Today is the perfect time to do it. Responding to a motion or working on an appellate brief? Today is ideal.

So I plan to spend the day in my office listening to music and catching up on a variety of writing I have been trying to find time for.

Of course, my happy outlook on being at the office the day after Christmas has nothing do with the fact that my house looks like a Christmas cyclone swept through it. I promise.

I hope you have all had a great holiday season, and that if you find yourselves working today, you are being productive!

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