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Scalia Says He Wouldn’t Be Confirmed Today, Like That Would Be Bad.

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia gave a speech in Bozeman, Montana on Wednesday, in which he stated that if the vote were held today, he doubts that he would get the 60 votes needed for confirmation.

Strangely, he seemed to be implying that would have been a bad result.
He blames the politicized nature of today’s confirmation process on some judges’ reliance on the “living Constitution” doctrine. Justice Scalia interprets the Constitution with the aid of an 1848 Noah Webster’s dictionary. Because apparently, none of the changes in the last 150 years are relevant to interpreting the document.

Scalia stopped the speech twice. First to kick out a crying baby who was unable to maintain the proper Clarence Thomas- like silence, and then again to stop the clicking coming from the cameras of the reporters in the front row.

You know what’s funny? A searchable version of the1828 (no searchable version of the 1848 one) Noah Webster’s original dictionary is available for free on the internet. It defines “jackass” as “the male of the ass.” No wonder Justice Scalia likes the old dictionaries since my modern dictionary also includes “[a] foolish or stupid person; blockhead”.