More Deposition Tips

Yesterday I blogged about the special challenges inherent in conducting a deposition through an interpreter.

This is an important skill for Baltimore City injury lawyers. Historically, Baltimore City has been home to many generations of immigrants. This trend has continued, with Baltimore City’s Latino population rising. The jurisdictions surrounding Baltimore City also have many residents for whom English is a second language, notably Montgomery County and Prince George’s County. There are also increasing Spanish-speaking populations on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. So taking and defending cross-cultural depositions is an important skill for personal injury lawyers.

Injury lawyers preparing for depositions using interpreters may want to look at A Lawyer’s Guide to Cross-Cultural Depositions. Nina Ivanichvili sent me this article in response to yesterday’s blog post. Her article provides several useful thoughts on this topic. For example, she speaks about how important it is to have some idea of the deponent’s cultural assumptions to get the required facts from the deposition. Nina also has a blog called Translation for Lawyers.