More Advice for Dealing With Difficult Opposing Counsel

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how to handle certain kinds of obstructive behavior from opposing counsel at depositions.

Here is a great blog post by Jay Shepherd over at Above The Law on dealing with opposing counsel who do not play well with others. See, there’s at least one schadenfreude- free reason for us scummy, small-firm, personal injury types to read ATL!

According to Jay (and I think he’s right), the key is not letting them get to you. Because getting to you is the only way they win. Lawyers like this are like children who throw tantrums. If the tantrum doesn’t get a reaction, there is no reward for the tantrum-thrower. Consequently, the tantrums become fewer.

Does anybody else have suggestions or observations on how to handle opposing lawyers behaving badly? Let me know in the comments.