I Have Met The Enemy, And He Is Us.

My fellow attorneys, write this down: “Offering legal services in exchange for sex is unethical.” And unlikely to succeed, if you look at this ethics opinion where a lawyer made such an offer, to two clients who happened to be lesbians. You, sir, are a genius. Enjoy your well-deserved disbarment. Disclaimer: Although this is more likely to succeed with non-lesbians, it is equally wrong and repugnant. Thanks, Walter Olson. I do not agree with you politically on most things. But I agree unethical lawyers do everyone a disservice.

Justice Scalia trips and falls, but he is unharmed. Crap. This would have been the best slip/fall case ever, possibly even better than Judge Bork’s.  I love Judge Bork (not to be confused with Bjork). Great beard, (although not well visualized in the photo at right) and he reached the pinnacle of American achievement by becoming a verb.

Getting “Borked” now refers to defeating a judicial nominee by attackign his character and philosophy. And as an added bonus, it sounds kind of dirty.

Frivolous lawsuit category: AEG Live sues Mile High Music Festival concert bootleggers before they bootleg. “Yeah, we know what you are thinking, and it violates our copyrights.” How do you sue unknown individuals, because whoever they are, you know they are going to do something wrong, even though they haven’t yet? I think they were a “Mile High” when they hatched this idea.

“[J]udges do not have a right to use rude, demeaning and condescending speech toward litigants.” Now, where’s the opinion saying they do not have a right to disagree with good-looking, witty Plaintiff’s lawyers?