Doctors Who Will Treat You, As Long As You Don’t Tell Anyone

The internet has proven to be a valuable tool for consumers. With a few keystrokes, it is easy to obtain multiple reviews of a product or service. This is true for electronics, appliances, restaurants, hotels, even lawyers.

This “consumer review” phenomenon has caught up to the medical industry. Many doctors have become concerned about reviews posted online by patients. The Baltimore Sun’s Consuming Interests blog reports that some doctors are requiring patients to sign waivers promising not to post these kinds of reviews.

Great customer service, guys. What are you afraid of? Judging by the comments to the Sun’s story, consumers of medical services don’t like this idea too much.

The Sun also reports that four doctors have been sanctioned by the Maryland Board of Physicians, for sexual misconduct, improper prescription practices, and failing to meet the standard of care.
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