Sample Letter of requesting Medical records



August 28, 2013

Suburban Hospital
8600 Old Georgetown Road
Bethesda, Maryland 20814


Our Client:               Brian Sequoia

SS No.:                     393-29-5763

Date of Birth:            March 15, 1977

Date of Accident:      August 23, 2013

Date(s) of Service:    August 23-25, 2013

*Practice Tip*

Make sure you send a separate request for the medical bills. Most hospitals have seperate departments for records and bills. Also make sure you appreciate who all of the treaters are. Many lawyers assume that going to the ER is one bill. Often it generates 3 or even more bills from different providers within the hospital.

Dear Sir or Madam:

This office represents Brian Sequoia in connection with injuries sustained in a car accident which occurred on August 23, 2013. It is our understanding that our client was seen at your facility for these injuries. He was admitted for two days, suffering from broken ribs, a broken femur, and a closed head injury.

Pursuant to the enclosed HIPAA compliant medical authorization, please provide the undersigned with copies of all records, reports, x-rays, nurses’ notes, and your prognosis, diagnosis and treatment plan.  Please also send the itemized billing statement for services rendered, including any HICFA forms or UB92 forms. 

In accordance with Maryland’s Annotated Code, Health General Title, §4-309, we are requesting the records within twenty one (21) working days of this request.  If our client is a patient that has ongoing care with your office, please contact us so we may discuss sending all of the records at the conclusion of their treatment.  If possible, please fax the records and/or bills to my attention at 410-760-8922.

If this request has not been sent to the proper custodian, please let us know where we should send the request.  Thank you for your time and assistance.

Very truly yours,


Samantha Harbeson
Legal Assistant to Laura G. Zois
Enclosure:  HIPAA

Getting Records from Health Care Providers

To be sure, it is one of the most challenging things we do administratively. We have clients that have a large number of medical providers and it just takes a struggle with one to upset the apple cart. You need to stay persistant and continue to call and write until you get the records you are legally entitled to get.

You also have to walk a balancing test in that regard. You cannot alienate the office of the doctor who is going to be the testifying treating doctor in your case. So you really have to use your judgment in how you approach health care providers who simply cannot be bothered to jump on your request for records.

In some cases, you need a stronger letter if you don't have these concerns. This is the letter we use when the sweet call and correspondence fail and this is not a provider you will need help with down the road in the litigation.

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